Raph Solo is releasing LIFE today, an album of ballads that features past hits like “Rich in My Heart” and brand-new songs including “Jasmine Petals,” the album’s first single, out today on Apple Music, Spotify and all online retail outlets.

“’Jasmine Petals’ is the perfect song to launch the album because it is about reflecting on what was, who we want to be and what we need to let go of,” he explains.

In the song, Raph compares relationships to Jasmine flower buds falling off a tree. “The flowers start sweet but in time they decay and when the tree finally releases the bloom, that’s when real growth to the tree occurs. Such is often the case with love.”

Raph Solo knows about loving and losing. Before meeting his partner, he experienced seven major break ups in nine years. Many of his most popular songs reflect on his personal journey of finding love.

The “Jasmine Petals” music video was filmed in a French period mansion in North London. Visuals and symbolism are a key element throughout.

In one scene, Raph is seen playing a violin, blindfolded. He says it is meant to reflect on how people are often blinded by love.

Raph Solo by Michele Martinoli

In another scene, Raph is seen taking a bite out of LIFE with the letters IF left on his plate. The letters are meant to symbolize opportunity. If he takes the chance and continues to eat the f, he’ll be left with “I”. Through letting go of the other letters, Raph has discovered himself.

Then there’s the gun. It’s a particularly powerful statement where Raph is saying that regardless of circumstance, the decision between life and death is ultimately our own.

LIFE is Raph Solo’s fifth studio album release. It follows FINALLY, AM I TOO MUCH?, THE ANONYMOUS ICON and WORD OF LOVE.

“With this one, I hope to inspire listeners to celebrate themselves and their lives. We are each given one life; one story. Write it. If you didn’t like something that happened yesterday, try not to repeat it tomorrow.”

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