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Join Randy Edelman as he celebrates the soundscape of his musical career through a dazzling and touching piano concert and sing-along on Sunday, November 28th at 7:00 PM at the Monster Bar (80 Grove Street, NYC). He will be transporting his audience to echoes of the familiar, with arrangements of his movie scores from “Last of the Mohicans” to “My Cousin Vinny.” He will also sing his new post-pandemic anthem heard all over the world, “Comin’ Out the Other Side.”

Randy will also be sharing hit songs from his solo albums, which possess some of the most sensitive lyrics on the planet. In the process, he will embrace versions of his songs that have been recorded by some of the most popular artists of the modern era, including Barry Manilow, Patti LaBelle, Olivia Newton-John, Nelly, and others. As a storyteller, Randy will present some funny and tender anecdotes about his life experiences in between his stylings.

Randy Edelman’s genius lies not only with his musical compositions, but also in the romance of his attitude and the enchantment of the keys when his fingers tickle them with complex emotionality and style. His performances are powerful and charged, leaving his audiences entranced and astounded.

Acclaimed globally as a master film scorer, Randy Edelman has composed over 100 popular films including: “xXx”, “ Gettysburg“, “ Anaconda”, “27 Dresses”, “The Mask”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “ Kindergarten Cop”, “Twins”, “Dragonheart” and many others. He is also recognized for creating musical themes for the Olympics, ESPN, and even NASA. He shared the stage with the Carpenters and Frank Zappa and has performed all over the world, including at the Drury Lane Theatre in London and the Budokan in Japan.

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