“See You Bleed”

Hauntingly beautiful, obsessively sophisticated, and chillingly unique, electronic, ambient, pop recording star, Ramsey, has shaken the music industry with her brand new single, “See You Bleed”.

Producing, composing and performing all of her own original and distinctive material, her dark vocals seem to have a strange effect upon those listening. It’s been a long time since anyone has stepped forward with a style as unusual as hers. Experimental pop can only begin to describe her phantom- like, sound, filled with mystery and intrigue.

“See You Bleed” has an unearthly almost surrealistic, yet relevant and sensationally dramatic feeling to it. It’s addictive. When you hear it you need more from the artist, and you will need it immediately. Luckily, Ramsey uses social media for her thousands of listeners, and is constantly updating mixes for her fans. She has also put out music almost constantly in the past few months.

There is also a very seductive draw to the single, and a tension that climaxes throughout the song. “See You Bleed”, is filled with harmony, and edgy vocal ranges, that compliments the extraordinary natural vibrato infused within her voice, as she belts out with a clarity, each and every lyric.

The world will soon know this artist. Besides her musical ability, she is also beautiful in a very salacious fashion. She’s got the entire package going on. One thing is definite, she will never be confused with another artist. There is no mistaking her style of singing or songwriting.

” See You Bleed” will be released on February 13th. A quote from “Girlunderground”, best puts Ramsey in perspective, “what can only be described as a scratch with in the throat, Ramsey uses this as a weapon upon delivery to pull a listener in, as she manipulates sounds and emotions, embedded with her oddity of sexual tension”
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