By Nicholas Baxter

If there’s one thing Sariah, the self-proclaimed Queen of Hearts, knows how to do, it is how to tell love stories through song. She has released two chart-topping dance tracks on the topic: “Deep N Luv” and “All About Sex.” True, they weren’t the typical girl-meets-boy tracks where lovers trailed off into the sunset and lived happily ever. Sariah’s tales have told a more realistic, modern-day love story where guys are used to fulfill their partner’s sexual gratification. 

But in her upcoming cabaret show, Power of Love, Sariah is turning the bar table, showcasing her softer, more romantic side. Taking place at The Metropolitan Room on November 7, Sariah – along with Broadway’s brightest stars, Ephraim Sykes and Rosharra Francis – presents current and classic love song favorites from radio and theatre.

Is cabaret a new direction for you?
Cabaret has always been a secret passion of mine. I have a strong musical theater background and have always wanted to bring my favorite pop and R&B records to life on the cabaret stage. 

Who are some of your cabaret inspirations?
Bette Midler, of course! She’s the Divine M.

You are the Queen of Hearts!
Growing up, my nickname was “Queenie.” Probably because I was such a diva, even then!  I added hearts because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I also love with my whole heart. 

Will you be spilling your guts about past loves in your show?
Oh, yes! I’ll be revealing it all. The good, the bad and the fabulous.
What have you learned about love in New York?
I have learned that you have to truly give your all in order to make love come alive, even if it means allowing yourself to be vulnerable. My most recent break-up was heart draining. I’m still in recovery over it and probably will be for some time, but at least it makes for great material!

How would you describe your show?
It is a true expression of who I am as an artist, a woman, a lover, a fighter, a daughter, a friend. I show all of my colors on that stage. 

What do you hope audiences will experience?
I want to give them something warm to snuggle with on a cold autumn night. I hope to inspire joy, love and happiness, and yes, heartbreak. I want audiences to go on the journey with me as I pour out my trials and tribulations with love.  Most importantly, I want them to connect with me so that we can continue to grow our own relationship.

Will you be returning to club music?
Yes! My new single, “Kill the Lights,” will be coming out soon. I can’t wait to launch my club tour!

 [box_info] Sariah performs “Power of Love” at The Metropolitan Room on November 7.  For tickets and more information, visit: