Phi Phi O’Hara walked into the Bunk House with her adorable boyfriend Mike an hour or so early. She was totally no “drama,” incredibly regular, so willing to mingle with the crowd, and just having a good time. I enjoyed interviewing her and
appreciated her openness. I loved her quickness and sense of humor.

Phi Phi O’Hara was runner up to Sharon Needles in Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was seen every week along with Sharon doing the Absolute Vodka commercials during the show.

So how do you feel about Jinkx Monsoon winning?
Actually, I’m very happy about Jinkx winning. I think on the show she clearly worked hard for it. I think she’s really nice and…did you hear what Sharon said?

No, tell us.
So here’s the real gossip. Sharon said that she didn’t want Jinxx to win because she doesn’t want someone to do a non-goth, cheaper version of what she does, which I think is really sad. Jinkx is a completely different style of drag than what Sharon is, but I think we’re gonna relate more to what Jinkx is, and she’s way friendlier. So I think we’re gonna gravitate more to her. So I think Sharon might have been more…what’s the word…

No, not jealous. Intimidated. But I’m glad. I was actually cheering for Alaska.

I was too.
I really love Alaska, and she’s so nice. What they show on T. is really what she is. She’s just fun.

You played a real bitch on the show, and you’re so “not” a bitch. You’re the sweetest thing. What happened there?
When they actually interviewed me, before I even got on the show, they asked me how I felt about portraying a villain, a bitch or anything like that, and I kind of said I would love it because I always said that if I was in a movie or show the villain is always the fun part to play. You know you’re gonna die, you know you’re gonna lose, but it’s the fun part. You think that after me Roxy would have learned her lesson and would have been a little nicer, but I like to meet people because then they really see how I am.

What’s the one thing in drag you can’t live without?
Food. Only kidding. Lashes, my lashes. I think that lashes make your entire face.

What size shoe do you wear?
9.5. Actually, I can wear anywhere from 8.5 to 10 in women’s. So I don’t have to order my shoes online.

Are you doing anything you would like your fans and the public to know about?
My music video. My music is coming soon. It’s really hard cause, well, I mean I’ve been lucky to keep touring, but it’s hard to find time off to record, to finish my video. I have two scenes done that I wanted to shoot, but I think I might cut them.

Tell us about your video.
The single’s called “Bitchy,” of course, appropriately titled. I didn’t wanna sing about “no offense” Manila, I didn’t want to do a paradox like Willam, Detox and Vicky…I didn’t want a drag song. I wanted a song that people could relate to, like an anthem, and so “Bitchy” basically says you can call me this and that and the other thing, but I’m not gonna let that get in my way of being successful. I think everyone can relate to that.

When will it come out?
I’m trying really hard to push for the end of this month, but you never know. I don’t know how Willam and them do a video every week. I don’t have the time, so I don’t know how they do.

What kind of pointers can you give our new queens?
To not do it. No, no, only kidding. Growing up, I grew up in the pageant system, so that’s all I knew. So I had that mentality even going into the show. Maybe that’s why Willam and I and Sharon and I butted heads. So I would tell all the drag babies to try everything they can until they feel comfortable with it, and to never, ever let anyone tell you that your style of drag is wrong.

///BY Eileen Shapiro