Pam Ann Return Flight

BY Jon Novotney

Airhostess Pam Ann returns to New York with her raunchiest comedy show ever, Pam Ann: Cockpit. It is the production that premiered at XL this spring – a show many fans missed after tickets sold out in two hours.

“The New York shows sold too quickly,” says Pam Ann from Australia, where she is wrapping up her latest tour.

“I’m not complaining, of course, it’s just that so many of my favorite gays were squeezed out and missed it.”

In her performances, Pam Ann pokes fun at air travel, identifying the quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and mixing in a generous dose of camp, humor and, of course, glamour.   From Virgin Atlantic’s fabulousness to the latest Jet Blue pilot meltdown, all the deliciously alarming incidents plaguing the airline industry are discussed.

According to Pam Ann, she had no choice but to bring Pam Ann: Cockpit back to New York.  “There is nothing scarier than angry gay men who feel they’ve been slighted,” she says.

How did you spend your summer?
I was on my Around the World tour in Australia, which was fucking fantastic. I visited the outback of Australia.  I think I may be pregnant with an Aboriginal child.

Are you excited to come back to New York?
Of course, I just love XL and my New York audiences.

What are some of the latest calamities plaguing the airline industry?

Coach passengers!  Their hands should be nailed to the armrests.

Has the economy impacted the airline industry?
Most airlines are cutting back on crew.  I can’t keep up with the passenger demands!

Is it tough being a flight attendant?
Depends on the airline you fly for. If you fly over water, you have to serve hot food and carry menus and it’s bloody exhausting. I prefer working on flights that fly over land.  All I have to do then is serve popcorn and hand out price lists.

What does a passenger have to do to get a small bag of pretzels on a flight these days?
Shut up and don’t make eye contact with me.

Who is to blame for the lousy state of the world?
All the greedy bitches running the countries.
We elect a new president this November.  Who should we vote for?
Oh honey, once you go black, you can’t go back.


Pam Ann: Cockpit lands once more into Terminal XL (512 West 42nd Street) for four flights only: Friday September 21st, Saturday, September 22nd, Friday, September 28th and Saturday, September 29th. Tickets available online at


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