JB Ghuman, Jr.’s brand new original art expression music video features Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Tammie Brown, adult film star Colton Ford, and the director himself, naked.

Best known for his award-winning musical comedy, SPORK, JB Ghuman Jr. has directed music videos for EDM musicians including Luciana and Cazwell, and the Double Duchess “Good Girl Freak Out” video that starred his close personal friend, Kelly Osborne.

Ghuman Jr.’s latest, titled “kEEp scrEEming,” is a 30-minute film that took nearly five years to create.  It draws inspiration from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and as he explains it, it is not intended to teach or lecture, but rather to activate minds and hearts.

“I’d describe the film as a detailed journey on how to build the Merkaba,” he says, referencing the divine light vehicle (“Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, ”Ba” means Body) that helps the enlightened connect with others also in tune with higher realms. “The mind is capable of seeing a reality outside of the one each of us live in.  My hope is that the film inspires individuals to consider themselves part of a larger, greater force”.

He views war, racism, sexual assault, and many of the other disturbing topics in the news today, as gifts because they help us to realize that despite the darkness, we can shine as individuals.

“Once the prism perspective is activated, people will be able to use the vibrational frequency of love to travel through any emotional black hole they may encounter and ascend to a higher self.”

JB Ghuman, Jr. was born and raised in Miami.  At 8 years old, he became obsessed with patterns.  He would analyze the shapes and lines on his hands, on windows, and on just about anything around him, and try to make sense of them.    Around this time, he also began taking note of the numerical time 11:11. He called it the “magic minute” and would make a wish on it twice a day. First, the wishes were for simple things like what he wanted for dinner that night or the video games that his mother couldn’t afford.  Over time, his wishes began to open in depth, addressing global issues such as pollution and war.

It is these issues and his reflections on them that are the great source of Ghuman, Jr.’s art today.

His latest film’s title, “kEEp scrEEming,” is a nod to Ursula’s demand of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, to “keep singing”.  In fact, Dave Woodman, who animated Ursula in the Disney film, also appears in the film.

All characters that do not show their faces in “kEEp scrEEming”— from the ejaculation sequence to the body covered light dancers —  are JB Ghuman Jr., himself.  He wants it known that it is him and no one else: not out of pride but to protect everyone who participated in the film from any judgment or critique that should go on him.

“If one were to go through my entire catalog of work, they’d notice that my work leans toward an effort to aid, uplift and shine whatever I can.  Even SPORK.”

“kEEp scrEEming,” however, goes beyond JB Ghuman, Jr.’s other works.   In it, he manages to dive deeper than ever before in his storytelling.  He goes forward and backwards, up, down, left, and right;  even directions in-between for a true mind-altering experience.