A Long Island Tropical Paradise

///By Eileen Shapiro

Who would ever suspect that an extremely quiet, midweek evening could suddenly explode, bringing forth a huge weekend-like crowd,
filling the unsuspecting evening with fun, laughter, good cheer and a hint of fantasy, beneath the stars. This happens each and every Tuesday night amidst the cool Island breezes and tropical paradise of the palm tree-laced establishment Off Key Tiki and Yacht Club, located in the heart of Patchogue village in none other then Suffolk County, Long Island.

This “Key West” bar and restaurant replica is nothing short of amazing. Each night boasts a different theme and event, or just a chance to simply enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner including coconut shrimp, lobster, steak, calamari and more.

Michael Bruemmer, the sexy owner of Off Key Tiki, had a dream, years in the making, to transform a raw piece of land, located on the great south bay into nothing short of “Key West.” There is a beach with a stage for entertainment, a tiki bar for refreshments and cocktails, a new VIP section for “whatever” and upscale dining area. Tiki is filled with levels of brick and surrounded by palm trees, tables and umbrellas, gazebos and a large marina. Then he had another vision. Being ever so familiar with Cherry Grove and The Pines, Michael entertained, he transformed a normally “dead” Tuesday into a Fire Island invasion, filled with alternative lifestyles, sexual fantasy, mystery and gayness. Those who frequent The Grove or The Pines now flock to Tiki, having no fear of “missing the last boat” back to the mainland, not having to worry about paying for the ferry or the expensive parking associated with Fire Island.

Entertainment is provided every Tuesday for every type of individual. There are piano players and singers including Amy & John of Chip Off the Record, female impersonators and drag performances including Mimi Carey, Violet Storm, Annie Manildoo, to DJs including Manny Ojeda and guest gay bartenders such as Eddie Vega (not to mention Nelson and hot Bryan, Tiki’s regulars). High tea happens from 4 to 6 p.m., which is also happy hour. At 6 p.m. the entertainment starts, continuing until 9 p.m., at which time a fabulous free BBQ is offered.

The SLS (a swingers club) socializes along with the gay Bunkhouse crowd. The two lifestyles mix it up void of any issues or drama. A good time under the stars, on the beach is enjoyed by all, and each and every week the crowd grows and grows.

Off Key Tiki provides its patrons with couture and style sevennights a week at 31 Baker Place in Patchogue, New York, 11772. The schedule of events include:

Wednesday Retro night with live 60s music.
Thursday Ladies night (half-price drinks for ladies) & giveaway trip to Cancun.
Sunday Sunset Sundays, a Key West Theme, two bands , 50-pound hamburger, all-you-can-eat and a trip to Jamaica is given away each Sunday.
Monday The Tiki Factor with live karaoke, followed by industry night with half-price drinks.
Tuesday Fire Island Invasion – see you there!