In our 39-year history, there has never been a been a reason or an opportunity to operate our business by serving up a menu of food items and signature cocktails out of an open window. Amended rules from the SLA in these trying times have paved the way for this reinvention of “normal” and entered the Monster and many of our neighboring businesses into this uncharted territory. We all face the challenge of reimagining our traditional business models in order to persevere. And even when the city grants permission to reopen, the bar scene as we have known it will not resemble its former self for many months to come. In the meantime, our goal is to keep the doors open in whatever altered capacity allowed by the city, so the safe spaces for our community do not disappear.

We all understand the strong desire to socialize and mingle with friends, but now is not the time for a street party or to forget what this city has endured and the continued challenges ahead. The message we hope to convey to our customers is a simple one. Follow the rules regarding masks and distancing, respect our residential neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum, and do your best to be responsible humans.

We’re hoping you’ll stop by the bar the next time you decide to venture out for some fresh air. If the weather is warm, we’ll probably have a bit of a line, but it moves fast and the sidewalks are marked with distancing guides. While you wait for your order, you can peer into the open windows and say hello to your favorite bartenders and nightlife personalities from a safe distance. Enthusiastic waves and glimmering eyes are the new substitute for hugs and smiles-–but the sentiment remains the same. We miss all of you and a friendly hello, even from afar, goes a long way these days.

This new normal will only remain possible for us and neighboring businesses if you, our customers, work hand in hand with us to follow some strict, but manageable guidelines. The local 6th Precinct asks that there are NO GROUPS, NO CLUSTERS, and NO PARTIES, so don’t forget to put the GO in “to go” and keep moving! (Our security team will be on hand if anyone needs a gentle reminder about the rules.)

We are encouraging you to plot out a neighborhood pub crawl. Map out a plan to support the businesses you love and make an afternoon out of it. Visit our local parks and outdoor spaces. Walk down a street you may not have frequented before. There may not be an official Pride parade this year, but we can certainly show off the best of our community as we walk through the neighborhood and support each other. We are all in this together, and when the time is right, we will be here to welcome you back through our doors.