It is my pleasure to introduce, Mimi Carey, our second in the PAINT series of Long Island & New York Drag Queens.

You’ve been called a queen, tranny, male dancer, and a number of other things… what would you consider yourself & why?
I am me me(Mimi) have never or ever needed a label to define who I am. I work daily @ various clubs to entertain my audience & I enjoy what I do dearly.

Briefly tell us about your drag history.
Well as Mimi I have accomplished a lot in my 8 years, ive been to various clubs over the country, some of which use to hire performers like myself, before RuPauls Drag Race which now apparently you have to be a girl of such to get big gigs like that. Ive done a few tv appearances, gay days, list goes on & on.

Whats caused you to do drag?
Actually I was sort of forced by a club I was working for we did a fundraiser to benefit EQUALITY, where all employee’s had to do drag to raise money, & after had friends kept persuading me to actual give drag a real shot.

How’d you get the name Mimi Carey?
Oh thats a funny story, Istarted doing drag proffesionally in Chicago where my name was Lady M(Lady Mango) & then known as “Chicago’s Mariah” well Mimi came into play thanks to social media website FACEBOOK. Upon creating a facebook account, it wouldnt allow me to use Chicago;s Mariah so I chose “Mimi” for a idle of mine & legend Mimi Marks, & had to choose a last name so i put “Carey” for my favorite diva Mariah. Little did i know a couple months later Mariah had her album “Emanciaption of Mimi” so maybe it was fate haha. Yea after facebook when people just seen me out people would call me Mimi Carey!! & after relocating back to NY I figured ill just stick with the name “Mimi Carey”. Makes me smile inside tho on occasssion when someone calls me Mariah when im out & about cause I know those are my Chicago fans makes me remember the old days.

Whats in the future of Drag?
 words “RUPAUL’S, DRAG, RACE”. I dont care who’s D#!? or excuse me as i vomit in my mouth a little P#$*! to get there.

Anything you want to promote?
has everything about me from my Blogs, which are my own personal thoughts, i love to write from the heart and what im passionate about. there Mimi merchandise, calendar so much more. Also from now til New Years Eve im at off key tikki in Patchogue but give the website a try. 😛