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Tattoo artist Mike AC on the reality series “Black Ink Crew” is a cool, inspirational artist. The show traces the real lives of these characters and their joys, challenges and tribulations.

When Mike AC and I exchanged questions and answers, I found the vibrant young tattoo artist to be very enchanting.


Is the “Black Ink Crew” show based on reality or is it scripted?
“Black ink Crew” is definitely based on reality. It’s based on actual events in our lives and just our actual relationships, personally and with each other.

I’m thinking that since your dad was in and out of jail you weren’t very close with him. However, what’s the best advice he or your mom ever gave you?
Yeah, I mean, my dad wasn’t in my life, and I didn’t have a relationship with him, so I never really got advice from him, but I’ve learned from not having him. On the other hand, the best advice that I’ve gotten from my mom would have to be “dream big.” She would always tell me to dream big, because your dreams shape your reality. And that motto got me here.

What do you do when you’re not taping the show?
Well, when I’m not filming, I’m typically tattooing or working on any other projects that I have going on. I’m really business oriented, so that takes up the majority of my time. But, I definitely know how to turn it off and turn it up! I love to host events or just have a dope night out with friends or family.
What is your off-TV life really like?
So, my off-TV life is pretty much the same as my on-TV life, but filled with much more events. Interesting enough, though, I am a little bit more reserved. I don’t have a big circle, and I like it like that.

If you could have me ask you any question in the world, what would it be and how would you answer it?
I think the question would be, “What matters most in the world today?” My answer would be: LOVE. I truly believe love is the most important, most powerful, most motivating force on this planet. I believe love is what will truly unite us as people.

Where do you hope to be in five years?
In five years I hope to be on the screens of millions, but in many different ways. I’d love to get into movies and shows. I want to continue to have a platform to show and share my differences, my uniqueness and my artistry with the world. Ultimately, as long as I’m creating and inspiring, I’m happy.

What’s your favorite tattoo?
My favorite tattoo? Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really do love all of my work. But if I had to choose one that comes to mind, it would probably be a tattoo I did of an astronaut with a fairytale-like stardust surrounding him. That tattoo sort of reminds me of a younger version of myself as I laid in my bed and floated around in my mind, the one place I could be myself and literally live in my art.

In one episode when you were talking with two cast members, telling them about your alleged child, they mentioned that they didn’t think you liked girls that much. What is your story?
Haha, ahh, so that’s the million-dollar question. And for that I have a pretty simple answer: I love people, all people. I think every person delivers a different experience, and each of those experiences are beautiful in their own way. So I’ve had awesome moments with both men and women, and I don’t regret one.

What was it like finding out that you might have a child, then finding out that you didn’t?
Wow, well, finding out that I may have a child was one of the craziest feelings I’ve ever felt. It was a combination of excitement, fear, confusion, anger and joy. I think I mostly felt it might be my opportunity to fill a void in my own life. The moment I received the results and realized I’m not the father, it’s another roller coaster of emotions. I think overall I just wanted to be a dad that I didn’t have and live vicariously through my son. But that sounds selfish, and that’s not who I am, so in the end I’m content with the results. My moment to be a father will be organic.

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