Michael Musto – The Voice of the World

The supreme and masterful journalist, television personality, actor, author and nightlife hero, Michael Musto, is truly the unrivaled voice of the gay community. When Musto celebrates something in print, all eyes are mesmerized.

Once again, Get Out! is honored to be honoring him with a special award on June 1 at Boxer’s. Would also like to congratulate him on his return to “The Village Voice.”

So what are you up to now?
My main things are: I do a weekly column on Out.com called “Musto! The Musical!.” I do a column in “The  Advocate” called “Michael Musto’s Icons,” where I interview people like John Waters, Murray Hill and Robin Byrd. “The Village Voice” recently brought me back as an entertainment correspondent.

I heard.
Yeah, I did the cover on The Academy Awards. My picture was on the cover as a bronze and gold Oscar from head to toe. I write for “Paper” magazine’s website, and I write for “The New York Times,” and just yesterday I had an interview with Gloria  Estefan in “The New York Times.”

I saw that on Facebook. What was she like?
She was one of the nicest people. She was exactly like her reputation. I wanted to drive home with her to Miami. And I’ve been making a lot of public appearances. I went up to SUNY Orange. I’m going to Boston to give a speech. I presented a movie at Lincoln Center. I’m doing a panel on Warhol, and I’m presenting Lea DeLaria at Night of a Thousand Stevies.

Where do you find all the time required for all of this?
I don’t even have a potted plant. I don’t have to worry about any personal life. I’m married to my career. I don’t even have a dog or a goldfish. So I don’t have the usual responsibilities that most people have.

What do you feel is your most challenging project, time wise?
I’ve got everything down to a science. Nothing takes that much time. After all of these years I never sit staring at the computer, unable to come up with something. I’ve never had that problem of writer’s block; if anything, maybe I spew too much.

You know what, I don’t get writer’s block either, but some of those interviews are long.
Look at all that you do.

It takes a lot of time. I must not have it down to that science yet.
Oh, you’ll get it.

So once again, you are deserving of another award, “The Voice”!
Wow, thank you. I don’t have room. I’ll have to get storage.

You will just have to get a bigger apartment.
Yeah, for all the awards.

Maybe you can rent some space in a museum. Do they do that?

I’m not giving them away! I treasure these things.

Will we see you on the Island this summer?
Yes. I might go for Memorial Day weekend. Stay a day or two. Oh, I didn’t mention I’m on a Logo show, “Cocktails and Classics.” That will be airing in June. It’s starting its third season.
That program is so cool.
Yeah, it’s fun.

Who are your best interviews?
I just interviewed Taylor Mac. I can’t even say “he”, because Taylor goes by the pronoun “Judy” instead of he or she, and Judy is a playwright, singer-songwriter, who is working on the history of American pop music. Judy and I had a wonderful chat.

Did you ever want to interview someone that you just couldn’t get to? They just wouldn’t let you?
Yeah, I constantly get turned down for interviews. James Franco’s publicist wouldn’t even respond to me to even say no. I think I’m a perfect fit for James Franco, not only for an interview, but as a husband. They didn’t feel that way. You know, you’d be surprised at the people who are not available, but if they do become available, I’m always so delighted to talk to these celebrities. We have such a great time, like you always do.

I do. I have a blast. Sometimes I guess it’s the publicist.
It’s always the publicist. I know if I went directly to Franco he’d be fine with it. These publicists are like the guard dogs of hell. It’s like good cop/bad cop, and they keep people away. They do anti-publicity instead of generating publicity.

Is there anything else that you’d like to say?
I wanna thank my three fans.


Photo By: Alex Geana

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