Bianca Del Rio, the winner of the sixth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” is a devilish queen with a heart of gold.

In a recent interview, director John Waters discussed his experience at a Bianca show. “There was this great drag queen down in New Orleans, and she was the master of ceremonies,” he explained.  “I said to her: ‘You were really funny,’ and she responded, ‘I should be, I am on crack.’ It was really funny. I will probably use that line now.”

Even the late Joan Rivers counted herself a fan, calling Bianca “a sharp, witty and seasoned comic who will have a successful career in and out of drag.” She welcomed Bianca on the second to last episode of her “In Bed With Joan” Web series, recorded two weeks before her passing.
The Louisiana-born, half-Cuban, half-Honduran entertainer has been performing stand-up, improv and theatre for more than 18 years. Bianca’s quick-witted comedy, effortless fashions and unique ability to make audiences cry from laughter while she tatters their self-image to shreds, keeps fans beckoning for more.

Self-proclaimed as a “clown in a dress,” Roy Haylock first emerged on the gay entertainment circuit in 1998, combining his talents in costume design and performance to create the beloved drag persona Bianca Del Rio.

Since then, Bianca has appeared on major television networks including MTV, A&E and the Travel Channel. She has performed numerous nightlife events around the world, and has become synonymous with gay Mardi Gras Events. She has been awarded some of the highest honors in the drag world, including taking home the coveted title of “World’s Next Top Drag Superstar” on the sixth season of Logo’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” She is the first Hispanic to win the title.

Since her win, Bianca Del Rio has expanded the brand with a full collection of trademarked products including Bianca Del Rio t-shirts and iPhone cases. She successfully raised $100,000 on Kickstarter to finance her first film, “Hurricane Bianca.”

She spent most of November overseas performing her “Rolodex of Hate” comedy tour.  Sadly, it meant she had to miss the ceremony where she was named among “Out” Magazine’s Out 100.

This month, however, she returns to the United States for the American leg of the tour. New York fans will have five chances to experience Bianca live when she performs Rolodex of Hate at Gramercy Theatre November 28-30. Buy tickets quickly! The first show is already sold out.

Who do you hate the most these days? 
Tori Spelling.

What has Donna done to get under your skin?
She is a douche.

Bianca, where does all this anger stem from?
I don’t consider it anger. It’s more like honesty. And with honesty comes humor.

Do you find it therapeutic to get all your hate out?
I try to get it out as much as I possibly can, and I always start with myself first!

What are your thoughts on Perez Hilton?
Well, that one is tricky.

Jennifer Lawrence is upset with Perez for releasing her nude photos. She argues that just because she is a public person doesn’t mean he can splash her naked body all over the Internet.  Whose side are you on?
They both make lots of money with what they do, and in this, business, any publicity is good publicity. Look at that rich skank Kim Kardashian. She is the one I really hate.

How about Mama June from Honey Boo Boo?
I love her, and I think she means well. I just think she has made some bad choices.  It must be from eating all that ketchup with pasta.

Bill Cosby?
I grew up loving him, and I’m very upset he never raped me.  Hashtag #rude.

Who is one person you can never hate?
Judge Judy because she is God.

Bianca Del Rio performs five shows of ROLODEX OF HATE at Gramercy Theatre 11/28-30. For more information, visit


Magnus Hastings