Matthew Paul is an American electronic dance artist and songwriter based out of Columbus, Ohio. He has diligently been working on music for the past couple years now and has just released his debut single “Sex Sells,” which is an electronic dance track filled with sexual vocals and lyrics sung over a seductive beat and bassline. Matthew Paul started his musical journey back in 2011 when he and music partner Veva began producing music. They both were offered to be a part of a music soundtrack for a feature-length movie called “G.B.F” aka “Gay Best Friend.” G.B.F. was directed by “Jawbreaker” director Darren Stein and stars some notable actresses such as Megan Mullally, Sasha Pieterse, Evanna Lynch and Natasha Lyonne. The lead song in this movie is called “H.E.R” written by Matthew Paul, Veva and Justin Diggs and performed by Veva. Both singles, “Sex Sells” and “H.E.R,” can be purchased on iTunes.

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