Sometimes an irresistible sound comes your way, that is so extraordinary, and your compelled to share it with the world. The band “Mangoseed”, owns that honor. The group, hailing from the UK, has just come up with a new EP, and a unique single entitled “Lucy”.

The song and the faction present a multi cultural, tastefully done musical ability, using powerful lyrics and titanic  well constructed tones to get their message out there. I couldn’t resist the need to learn more about them. My prediction is, this is a group to watch for. They are about to explode on the music scene very shortly.

Their guitarist, and backup vocalist agreed to answer some questions for Get Out…

Please introduce the group, and give us a little of the group’s history,
Mangoseed are

Nicholai – lead vocals and samples (from Tinidad)

Karlos – guitar and backing vocals (from London – Jamaican parents)

Richard – bass and backing vocals (from Australia and world)

Sam – drummer (from Ireland)

Around 12/12 years ago Nicholai and I worked together in the same theatre, we talked a lot about our interest in creating music and begun to collaborate. To begin with we pulled together anyone we knew who could play an instrument to join the troop. It didn’t take too long before we realised we both had a passion to push ourselves to develop as artists. So after weeding out those who began the journey with us but didn’t share our level of commitment and dream we actively went on a search to find the right members for the band.

First up was Richard. Richard was just supposed to be filling in while our original bassist went travelling but Richard had what we needed so we asked him to stay.

Next up was Sam. Now let’s not get into drummers!!!! How many????? Anyhow the biggest problem was commitment that ended up with things almost grinding to a halt whilst enlisting session drummers to gig with us. We put word out again, auditioned nuff (that’s Jamaican for a lot). We got from too young, to way too old, to too drunk and to too bad but it’s a no even though we are mates. We were lucky that Sam was recommended via a friend of a friend. Man, when we got into the band room with him I remember saying to Nicholai after ‘Yep he’s a keeper’

The thing about us is that we are a live band; it’s an important element for us. Our fans and the music lovers that see us play are like the 5thmember of Mangoseed because we craft our music from them and the vibe. There have been numerous times we have put songs on the back burner because it didn’t capture that Mangoseed vibe when we took it out of the band room. To be honest some songs have stayed on that back burner until they have been burnt to a crisp NEVER  TO RETURN.

So here we are Mangoseed yet to be signed so we do it all ourselves so we can give back to our followers. In 2014 we released our first album ‘Basquiat’. That was pretty cool because we got some good reviews from the US and our followers were glad to have our songs where they pleased not just at a show.

Tell me about “Lucy”, the inspiration behind it, and the message you are putting out there.
Lucy now… All that I can tell you is that it is a song about an intense relationship between two people. The energy the pace the succinctness of the song is all intentional. We kinda wanted to mirror that connection you get when you meet that special someone that out of nowhere is in your every fibre and even though it’s only been weeks. We wanted the song to grab people and to make them move in whatever way; jump up and down, bop or skank and to keep them there throughout.

So I guess the message is live in the moment and go crazy if that’s where the moment drives you.

So will you be touring in the US anytime soon in support of you need EP?
We would love to be touring the US we have tried to get onto AfroPunk but it’s like a closed door to us, so until we hook up with the right people ‘Afro Punk we are gonna keep on knocking!’

We talked about releasing a 2nd album / EP but then thought the way music is accessed now there is no point in putting out a whole body of work that to be honest people won’t invest in all at the same time. So we kinda want to keep supplying singles over the year and then put them into an album. That’s when all the pieces will fit to the listener.

What are some of the band’s musical influences?
Musical influences, let me list some for you, Biffy Cairo, Bob Marley, Parliament Funkadelic, Fishbone, Lauren Hill, Living Color, Skunk Anansi – basically nothing specific just great musicians and song writers..

Who writes the songs?
Songs come together in different ways. Sometimes out of a jam in the band room or Nicholai (who is the lyricist) will come in with an idea. Musically we all put something in the pot and mash it up Mangoseed style. You could have a hip hop drum pattern a reggae guitar a rock bass and a soca vocal or any other combination we feel like. It’s pretty cool to put things together that on paper you will hear someone say ‘That shit can’t work together’

There has been many times when people leave our shows confused because they had a good time but find it impossible to describe the sound.

What’s next for Mangoseed?
Pushing out singles and booking shows. I know that sound short and sweet but that’s the truth right there.

What do you like best about performing live….I understand that you guys are wild in person.
What’s not to like about performing live? That’s the only reason why we do this. We love to party on stage and to have everyone party with us. We don’t do the fourth wall thing, like I said before the listeners, jumpers, boppers are the 5th members’ of the band.

If you could say anything in the world to your fans and followers, what would it be?
Firstly, thank you for all your support and ‘big-up all ah onoo!!!’ (Jamaican for ‘We respect you all immensely’)

We are working hard to get a tour together so keep a look out for when we hit your shores.

Also keep in touch with us on Twitter: mangoseedband youtube: You know what just Google us and choose whatever platform you feel to.