Lucas Entertainment, the leader in mixing gay porn and mainstream, is proud to announce it has wrapped production on its big-budget, sex comedy series “KINGS OF NEW YORK”.  The much-anticipated series includes roles by Andy Dick, Lady Bunny (RuPaul’s Drag U), Derek Saathoff (The A-List), Broadway performer Martin Samuel, Bianca Del Rio, designer Richie Rich, Acid Betty, Epiphany, Derek Hartley (Sirius XM), Busted and more!

The series follows Vito Gallo, Jessy Ares, Landon Conrad, D.O., Mitchell Rock, Trenton Ducati, Brice Banyan, Sebastian Rossi, Rod Daily and Adam Killian as they claw their way to the top of the big apple. The city is consumed by ambition and everyone is used as a ladder. It’s all about the reign of power. It’s all about being a KING.

“Whether it’s a movie, a television show or porn, it’s all about being entertained,” says Production Manager Chris Crisco. “I think it’s silly to constantly separate mainstream. Here with our series Kings of New York, we bring a fun new level of porn when we mix porn actors with television, movie and Broadway performers.”

“This series has hilarious moments that are side-by-side with the incredibly hot chemistry of the cast,” says writer/director Marc MacNamara. “It’s a new type of series that gives an all around entertaining experience.”

The first episode of Kings Of New York premieres Friday, February 22nd exclusively on Members can stream the episodes and watch for behind the scenes features to accompany each episode.

Watch the safe for work trailer here.