Your music video “Still In Love” reached more than a million views on YouTube and VEVO in less than two months. With this happening, do you think it is neccessary to be on a major label, since you have done this being on an independent one?
Yes and no. If your goal is to get on various music charts and satellite/Internet radio, then it is absolutely possible to do it on a small label or on your own. I am proof of that. However, if you want to make a much greater amount of money and be played on mainstream FM stations, then you do need a major label for that, unless you have several thousand dollars to do the promotion yourself. It is also much easier to be booked on major tours and in big venues with a major label behind you.

Speaking of gigs, you have been on your “No Holding Back” promo tour for a year now. What have been your favorite cities that you visited so far?
I love New Orleans. Probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. It’s a huge drinking party town a la Mardi Gras, but I was still able to have a great time despite the fact that I don’t drink. I love Atlanta as well. I could see myself spending a lot more time there.

You’ve had a small role as one of the precinct detectives on “Law & Order: SVU” for two seasons now. I saw a few photos of you with cast members at their annual wrap party. How does it feel working with Emmy winner Mariska Hargitay and legendary rapper Ice T?
I have mad respect for every cast and crew member on the show. They work looooong hours and are very humble, grateful and dedicated. My part may be small, but I am honored to be a working actor on one of the most successful shows in television history. Mariska, Ice, Danny, Dan and Kelli are all extremely down to earth and treat us with much respect. Mariska has a wonderful organization called In regard to organizations, you have given your time and service to many, most recently to a Boston Charity Album.

How did that come about?
My friend, recording artist Bylli Crayone (who lives near Boston), put this project together a few days after the horrific marathon bombing. He asked if I’d like to donate a track and I said I’d be honored. The fact that organizations reach out to me is something that I am so grateful for. I thank them for that acknowledgement.

What are your upcoming projects for the rest of the year?
I am actively part of two campaigns for two friends of mine – Yetta Kurland for City Council and Christine Quinn for mayor of New York City. These are two amazing, hard working and very down to earth people who really do care about the people they serve in the community. It’s not smoke and mirrors. I’ve witnessed both of them perform several random acts of kindness with no media around. I am also going to volunteer for my friend, City Councilman Danny Dromm, as well. Everybody knows what a good man he is, especially in my hometown of Queens! I am dropping two more singles from my album, including a collaboration with Robey, one of my favorite actresses of all time!

///By Diana Nettey
Photo by Alina Oswald