Recording artist and actor Lovari revisits the sounds of the early ‘90s R&B/pop realm with his new album “The Rhythm of Life,” to be released May 12. The album contains 13 brand-new songs and includes a remake of Mariah Carey’s “Around You” from her “Emotions” album).

The distinctiveness of Lovari’s vocals lies within the various tones that he delivers, often sounding like (and at times being mistaken for) a female due to his pitch, as evident on “Need to Know.” The New York born and raised artist has released “Crush On You” as the first single, and it is currently at #2 on the Nielsen/BDS R&B Hip-Hop Chart.

“There’s a lot of firsts for me on this album,” Lovari says. “I have whole structures of underlying vocal harmonizations layered that I created in almost every song. On my other albums, I pretty much did straightforward vocals with only matching backgrounds. I have a country song on this album. I have a gospel track. I have an ‘80s arena rock song on here as well, which includes live production by Dave Duke Sims of Shinobi Ninja. He amazed me in the studio by playing guitar, bass and keyboard on the track in just one short session.”

Other firsts for Lovari on “The Rhythm of Life” include working with several producers. “In the past, I worked with a maximum of two producers for each project. This time, I worked with six, including an 18-year-old female, Rya. I stood with the two rule for my engineers, though – 3PLE (based in Brooklyn) and Robert ‘Giambi’ Garcia (based in Manhattan).”

Lyric wise, the most lighthearted lines include “You ain’t Page Six, get up off this” on his song “Paparazzi” and more serious undertones on the track “Be Yourself Tonight,” with the lines, “Society today is very scary. We’re all walking around like robots. Land of the free and brave; that’s what they used to say.”

Lovari has a differing opinion on today’s society than most. He says, “I think that collectively, although most people ght for rights and diversity, we actually are bullying and intimidating each other even worse than before. For example, if you happened to vote for Donald Trump, then everybody hates you and looks down at you. If you try to speak up about why you voted for him, you get silenced and threatened. Yet, we are fighting for tolerance and acceptance. We live in a very Catch-22 society.”

The singer/actor can be seen regularly as Benji Xuxu on the Funny Or Die series “Kippy.” “I’m a goofball a lot in real life, so I love playing one on this show,” he says. He portrays a much more menacing character in the upcoming film “A Piece of the Action,” filmed on location in Newark, which Lovari now calls home. “I’m a mean son of a bitch in this movie, a sadist criminal who enjoys taunting women and children by putting guns to their heads. The role was completely out of the box for me, but that’s what acting is all about.”

Lovari will be headlining Hot 97 FM’s Unity Fest in Brooklyn.
Lovari’s Record Release Party / Performance:
Friday, May 12th @ Midnight
Monster: 80 Grove Street, West Village