Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride

LGBTQ+ Music Festival Cruise Sets Sail in February 2019

This cruise sounds like a wildly fun and innovative ride. What do you expect will be going on, and how involved will you be with the fans on board?
I’m super excited about my cruise. I was a pirate in one of my past lives, so it’s like, I’ll be right at home again leading my crew of buccaneers and scallywags out on the high seas for one unforgettable journey. While on my ship there are only two rules: no hating, and be yourself unapologetically! If you break the rules, you walk the plank! I just need to double check that the Norwegian Pearl has a plank. But if you aren’t walking the plank, you can join me in all the fun, including karaoke and competitive lip syncing, boogie time, drag racing and much more, including live performances from me, and all my friends of course.

How and why did you become involved with this very cool idea?
I was visited by the ghost of Captain Morgan, who came to me in a dream and reminded me of my past life as a rival pirate captain on the high seas, and asked the question: Why are you not captaining a pirate ship from February 17-21, 2019, for four days, with 6+ music acts on two stages, 2,000 superfans and endless insanity? And I said, “You know what, ghost of Captain Morgan, you make a really good point.”


What are you most looking forward to personally?
I’m hopeful that Big Freedia is going to teach us all how to correctly twerk. I’m confident that Big Freedia will not be walking the plank.


How excited are you to share the cruise with people like Bob the Drag Queen (who I love more than life itself) and the other entertainers sharing the boat?
This lineup was not put together on accident. I wanted my pirate ship…I mean cruise boat…to be full of only the most fabulous and fun entertainers in the business. That’s why we invited Bob the Drag Queen (who I also love more than life itself), Big Freedia, Wrabel, Matt and Kim, Girl Talk, Jonathan Van Ness, Betty Who, Superfruit, Detox, Thorgy Thor and the funnest of all: my amazing fans! It’s going to be one massive, ridiculous, floating sleepover.


Aside from this fabulous and dazzling journey, what else are you up to?
I’m writing my new album and recently rescued a kitty from Tokyo. His name is Carl. Thanks for asking.

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