The King Is back! Yes, there is a new King in town, first name Kelly! She has the down home charm and spirit of a sexy Nashville belle, and this “Workin’ Girl” has definitely got a New York state of mind, with the 5 ½ octave vocal chops to claim her rightful place at the top of the Billboard music charts. We’ve been hearing so much about the one and only Kelly King that we just had to catch up with her in Central Park to get the low down on her hit songs, live shows and her new album that has been tightly under wraps…so here is the exclusive kiddies!

Many may know Kelly King from her music video and Billboard Top 20 clubland hit EP “The Real Definition: Workin’ Girl Remixes,” her Billboard Top 25 evergreen holiday classic “Dear Mr. Kringle, That Time of Year” or for her interactive stage show. However, for those of you who are just now discovering this crossover talent, Ms. Kelly King has had quite an illustrious career as a child prodigy recording a children’s record and even had her own, top-rated FOX-TV morning show where she interviewed the biggest stars in film and music.

Kelly King appreciates her fans and where she has been and she definitely knows where she is going. She successfully translated her childhood fame and celebrity into a career as a live session and back-up singer for mega-stars Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, Al Green and Brenda Lee, to name a few, and even landed a five-day-a-week performance slot at the Grand Old Opry, all before she was 15. Soon to follow, a major production deal with Hit Play and a major label record deal with Warner Bros/Ryko was all in a day’s work for Kelly King.

Kelly credits her John Rich cover of “I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song,” a Billboard Top 25 Adult Contemporary hit, as one of her “big breaks” that gave her national radio recognition and a national tour with Michael Bolton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. But NYC was calling, and Kelly King partnered up with hot remixer/producers Twisted Dee, DJ Gome of Gome Nation, Vibelicous, Mendy, Broz South Beach and broke out into clubland with her debut 15-track album, “Live The Dream,” recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Charlie Callelo and Zach Ziskin and the Emmy Award winning team Hitplay (JoJoHo & Ean Petersen).

With all of the successes Kelly King has already earned, she is not sitting on her laurels because after all, she is a working girl who is ready to take what is rightfully hers with plans to unleash her new project, her way! Kelly beams, “My new album is very personal, I am really putting myself out there. I wrote half the album, which is radio friendly, but it is different from prior releases. I’ve taken my stage shows, my gift of voice from God and my own struggles of love, hope and triumph in gaining control of my life and translated and transformed it in the studio.”

The diverse vocal styling of Kelly King is what singles her out and puts her ahead of the diva pack. On why she loves performing in New York, Kelly, who is known for her Minnie Rippleton-style high pitch belting, proclaims, “When I came to New York, I didn’t really know anyone, but I love to sing, so I entered a song contest on drag nights in area clubs. I would come out and sing, ‘Vision of Love’ live and one whistle later…I would win $100 bucks! Soon I was working four to five nights a week and raking it in! I wanna thank all of the drag queens who let me in their family circle, and certainly the club owners for paying the bills!” By the sound of her new project, Ready Radio, and her adoring fans, we know that Ms. Kelly King won’t have to worry about paying any bills anytime soon!

GET OUT! MAG: Tell us about your new project.
KELLY KING: I’ve been very hush hush about it until now. The project is called Ready Radio. I am writing songs with and playing live with a fantastic guitar player, Mitch Mitchell of January Jane. I am loving the art of collaboration. It’s like a perfect pair of jeans or great sex. You have got the chemistry or you don’t! The album is a testimony of what I’ve been through, my frustration with the world, forgiveness and opinions.

GET OUT! MAG: What Is the flavor of the album, and when can we expect It?
KELLY KING: It is untitled but will be independently released in 2012. The songs are very indie rock yet danceable with a real organic sound, and I am using all five of my octaves. Expect some Minnie Rippleton-isms, but it’s much much more of a combination of who I am. My fans will love where I’m going with this record. It’s me.

GET OUT! MAG: What remixer producers would you like to work with?
KELLY KING: I love the young undiscovered talent, and of course my established prior release remixers.

GET OUT! MAG: What did you think when you heard Ryan Seacreast on E! say, “The King Has Arrived”?
KELLY KING: That was one of those really cool moments! Then I thought, Wow…how did he hear about me?

GET OUT! MAG: We will never catch you without….
KELLY KING: My high heels on!

GET OUT! MAG: We hear you have some very special four-legged treasures. What are their names?
KELLY KING: My new puppy is a Great Dane, Maximus, my cat is Priscilla (Presley), and my Greyhound rescue dog is named Sunshine.

GET OUT! MAG: You wowed our readers at the Get Out! Magazine Readers Choice Awards and created a fab buzz. Where can we see you live in town?
KELLY KING: Monday nights Diva at Industry 11:30 p.m., Thursday nights Kelly King Live at Bartini 11 p.m., Saturday nights Kelly King and Marti Gould Cummings live at New World Stages Tony Lounge 10:30 p.m.

– Catherine R. Laporte