Get Out! correspondent Samara Riviera of interviews Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge (“We Are Family”) on her recent Oprah appearance, her upcoming club release with Adam Barta and on the philosophy of fame.

Riviera: So tell us, where are you based now?
Sledge: Pennsylvania. East Coast based.

Are you still traveling the world performing?
Definitely. Mostly every other weekend. Just performed the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. I got the most amazing request for “We Are Family”! It’s a true blessing to me!

So tell us about how this Oprah Show thing happened?
We were chosen in Oprah’s opinion as “Women Who Rock,” along with a host of other female artists. Truly exciting experience! She announced how “We Are Family” is still one of the most requested songs of all time.

Had you done the show before?
The first ever.

Were there any diva tantrums with all those legendary divas there?
None whatsoever. Complete opposite.

What kind of response did you get from people, and what has it done for your career now?
We got feedback that our [performance] was one the most hyped! Oprah definitely has the “Midas Touch.” I plan to do some select performances with sisters. Upcoming solo concert in London. Was just awarded the part as Billie Holiday scheduled for performing arts centers and off Broadway, probably next year.

What are your thoughts on fame?
My thoughts on fame are: Always remember, fame is concomitant to notoriety, so you must know and accept this. It’s a package deal! I sometimes believe the whole “fame” madness can be over the top. As an artist you love what you do! Don’t ever let your passion be misguided.

Some of my favorite quotes from fellow artists:

“The greatest perfume is the smell of success.”

“If you believe all the good stuff you read and hear about yourself, then believe the bad.”

“Why do we push our fans away? Isn’t that why we all worked so hard in these small clubs, until the wee hours in the morning, hoping someday someone would listen?”

Oh, and this one I love: “God gives you the face you were born with, and life gives you the face you deserve.”

What do you think about the celebrity obsession in today’s world?
So … over the top!

What projects are you working on now?
New dance/club release “Give Yourself Up” featuring Adam Barta, produced by Mike Rizzo and Steve Migliore (Migs). Billie Holiday, “The Brighter Side of Day” ( Also, Lady Day, Broadway bound. Also just executive produced “We Are Family Reality/SLEDGEGIRL” about the next generation (our daughters).

What message do you have for your gay fans?
THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for all the support and loyalty throughout the years! My heart is HUGE!