The host of Thotyssey, a tumblr blog, Jim Silvestri has interviewed some of New York’s most prominent and fun creatures of the night. Amongst some of personalities Jim has featured are: T-Boy, Yuhua Hamasaki, Paige Turner, Logan Hardcore, Jiggly Caliente, Honey Davenport, Ari Kiki, and our own Ian-Michael Bergeron…..and those are only a small few.

Besides his interview, he showcases many of the events around town, and is a huge gay night life advocate. His site is fun and entertaining and quite informationally enlightening. We shared some questions and answers, which I am about to share with you

So I really don’t know much about you however, I feel like we’ve been in contact forever. What exactly is it that you do?
Oh my God, you sound like my parents. Just kidding! I’ve been lurking around for a bit. I started Thotyssey in March, which is a Tumblr where I compile a full list of gay nightlife events for the kids, and interview fun people like drag queens and DJs about their lives and work.

Who’s the most fun person that you have ever interviewed?
I’ve had fun doing almost all of them. People have been really open with me, and I’m so grateful for that. I have to say that two recent chats with queens Logan Hardcore and Jiggly Caliente were super fun. Those are two good time gals with no filter!

What do you do when you aren’t interviewing?
Know of any jobs anywhere? I used to be an associate professor of English at a college, but that profession barely exists anymore. I’ve barbacked in the West Village for a spell, and that’s when I met a lot of my interview subjects.

Are you New York City based?
Yep. Queens county, born and raised, and I’ve been going to Manhattan for-evuh! I invented “Bridge & Tunnel.”

As a fellow writer, what is it you enjoy best about doing interviews, and what made you start?
I’m genuinely interested in how other people think, and what traits make them unique, and what makes them like everyone else. It’s kind of voyeuristic for me, but in a dry, intellectual way, not in a “chain me up in your closet while your wife paddles you” kind of way. Not that I know what that’s like.

What do you enjoy best about our fabulous New York City night life?
The personalities. I mean, looking at sexy boys is always fun and dancing can be fun, but it’s the queens and the club kids and all the colorful people that really make that connection with you, draw you in… make you want to be part of their world.

Favorite Queen….and why?
Give me a week and I could respond with my Top 25 favorite queens. That would be a fun and dangerous science project! I will say that Victoria Chase from Boots & Saddle was the very first queen I met–like, 6 years ago– and we’re still good friends today.

Working on any new projects?
I’m always chopping up and reworking this screenplay about NYC nightlife (surprise!) it’s still pretty messy, but I’m getting there. Keep a lookout for that casting call, everybody! (And the GoFundMe)

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