At first Jiggly Caliente (fourth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”) appears almost shy. but once she gets going, this Queen is funny! Considering herself “a plus-size Barbie Doll,” this girl loves drag with her entire being. She is actually sweet and very humble and feels blessed having been a part of “Drag Race.” It was a very special treat to see her the other night at the 33rd annual Miss Long Island Pageant where she came along with Phi Phi O’hara (our honored guest judge), to watch the pageant. She looked amazing in her black dress, perfectly painted face and classically styled hairdo. It was there she agreed to be interviewed for the magazine and also agreed to perform at the Get Out! Awards!
So how long have you been doing drag?
I’ve been doing drag now for over 10 years. I think this is gonna be my 12th year.

Yeah, 12 years now.

And how’d you get your name?

Jiggly, where are you from originally?
I was born in the Philippines, but I’ve been raised in NY. I
moved to America when I was 10, so I’ve been living here for 23 years. I’m 33 now.

So how is life after RuPaul?
OMG, it’s been amazing. Every day I wake up and I can’t believe the things that I’ve done and going to do and see and experience since the show. It’s opened so many doors. I never thought I’d be able to audition for TV shows. You know, I’m going to be on “Broad City” in the fall. I have a guest appearance for that one – just to be able to tour the world. You know, to say I got to tour America, that would be great,     but now I’m getting to go around the world. I’m going to London in September, Australia in November and then I get to go on a cruise again at the end of the year. I’m just taking every blessing and every opportunity to have. I’m so grateful for everything that has come with it – granted there’s some bad stuff, but the good stuff overweighs everything.

What ever possessed you to do drag in the first place?
It was a dare! I went to The Web to go see my friend Foxy Lady perform. She was in a contest. Since she lost, I was like, “Oh, I could do that, that was so easy, I can’t believe that ugly bitch beat you.” She told me to put my money where my mouth was. So I ended up doing a talent search like a month later. So the big difference is I won and she didn’t. I kinda liked this, and now I could never let go of the wig and makeup.

Kinda like an addiction.
And it all started cause of a dare at The Web. It’s a good addiction, yeah.

Who was your “besty” on RuPaul?
I got along great with Vida and Phi Phi during the show, but after the show – like Phi Phi, my ride or die chick – don’t get me wrong, I got along with everybody though, everybody that was in my season – I love every single girl from my season. Nobody else knows what we went through – the other seasons’ girls – I’m sure they have loyalties to their own girls. You know what happened to you on your season, but I do love every girl from my season. I love them all. I hang out with them all the time when they’re in NY. I love hanging with the girls.

I interviewed Willam a while ago, and she really loves you.
I love Willam. I’ve even stayed at Willam’s house when I’m in LA. Willam’s house is huge; I’m not gonna turn that down. Everybody thinks that Willam is THIS, but she’s so chill and very, very funny. It’s also a good time with Willam. You know, I got to know her on the show, and she did have a slick mouth – I’m like, this bitch is slick. When I first met her my initial reaction was she was one of those girls where you’re gonna love her and pop her in the mouth. She’s SLICK, but I love her, and I swear to God if I could fit into her shoes!

So you and Phi Phi are going to be at the Get Out! Awards on October 5.

Oh lord, here we go.

Pretty much. So what can I promote for you?
I just want everybody to support all the bars, and if you see
me advertised anywhere, come check it out, it’s gonna be a good time. And hopefully I’ll see you in a town near you!

Phi Phi O’hara

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