The incredibly, ravishingly sexy and seductive Buff Boyzz, managed & owned by Jeffrey Wachman and John Greco, are no strangers to gay nightlife. The “Hottest,” #1 Male revue can be enjoyed at nine different parties throughout the week in the NYC, NJ and Long Island areas.

Jeff: So Eileen, it’s our one-year anniversary. Last year this time we started a party on Tuesday night in the dead of winter. It started off really, really, really slow, because every Tuesday night last winter, if you recall, it snowed or it was absolutely freezing.

Eileen: Yes, I do remember.Jeff: For some reason it only happened on Tuesdays. We thought maybe it was a sign for us not to do it. But here we are today with five days in NYC, where we will be seven days a week in the beginning of December. We have two parties in New Jersey Friday and Saturday at Duval and Feathers, and we’ll also have a party upstate in another club. We’re looking at eight parties a week.

Eileen: How many Buff Boyzz are there all together?
Jeff: I would have to say… about 40?

Eileen: Where and what night do you have the parties?
Jeff: We have parties Sunday and Wednesday at Fairytail lounge with another night coming soon! Monday at Stonewall, Tuesday and Friday at Tobacco Road, two parties Friday and Saturday in NJ at Duval and Feathers and one party once a month that’s starting the first week of December at Place of the Rocks Roadhouse in Grampian, Pennsylvania.

Eileen: I love the Buff Boyzz.
Jeff: Well, me and Johnny became partners last year. All that was running last year was just “Show World.” Since then we’ve gone from one party to eight. All successful nights. We have about 35-40 guys working for us.
Eileen: How do you decide who gets to go to which party?
Jeff: We try to switch up the lineup so that we’re not getting redundant. We have so many days, and we have to give guys days off. We can’t expect them all to work seven days a week. We ran this like a regular business. We book out private parties all week long. We have a truck that we have wrapped with the Buff Boyzz logo and all their information. If you go on the, you’ll see pictures of the “Buff Truck,” the guys, the nights.

Eileen: What kind of private parties do you do?
Jeff: Bachelorette parties, birthdays, bachelor…yeah.

Eileen: How many boys do you usually use at the clubs?
Jeff: We do between 10 and 15 guys at a time. We don’t wanna have 30 guys and then they’re all fighting over each other for lap dances and stuff like that. We try to make a good experience by not making it an atmosphere where it’s competitive. What we do so differently than anybody else is we start early. We’re able to start at 6 p.m. and get the guys home. The older gentlemen and people who work the next day, we are able to get them home by the 11 o’clock news, and you still had your fun every day of the week.

Eileen: Do you have a favorite or is there a particular Buff Boy who’s requested most often?
Jeff: To be honest with you, the most requested guy is my husband, Matt. You’ll see a picture of him on the website.

Eileen: Years ago a lot of the Buff Boyzz were straight. What’s the situation now?
Jeff: I’d have to say about 80% of the guys that work for us are straight. But they are very friendly and outgoing. We weed out the attitudes and the hustlers. That’s not what “Buff Boyzz” reputation is. When I say New York’s #1 male revue, I mean it. There’s not a person that’s going to walk out and say his wallet is missing, and women are not welcome. I’ve been to them all, so I know what I don’t wanna go through as a patron. I’ve gotten rid of some of the hottest guys because I’d rather have guys not as good looking as them but have a better experience. The fact of the matter is since we’ve been in business over a year, with all the parties that we have accumulated some very, very, very hot guys – a very hot line up, and I do have at least 10 exclusive guys that do not dance anywhere else.

Eileen: So give me a quick history of you and Johnny and the Buff Boyzz.
Jeff: A year go I met John, and I went to his party, and he asked me if I’d be interested in going in partners with him. At the time I was managing exotic cars, and I was managing a nightclub as well. So I really needed a party like I needed a hole in my head. I told him no a few times, until one day he caught me in front of my husband. My husband was like, “Babe just do it, just try it, what have you got to lose?” So I did. When I start putting my heart into something I don’t give up. So I did, and I didn’t. Everyone was calling me crazy, then all of a sudden when the weather started to come around because of the persistence, we started to grow faster and faster.

Eileen: Do you ever get jealous when your husband is out there?
Jeff: No, cause I know who my husband is coming home to. We don’t do anything more than provide entertainment, so I’m not worried about that at all. One thing I learned from the owners of Hunkamania is that you can turn this business into a very lucrative long-term business if you treat it like one. As long as you do the right thing you can be in this business forever.