Perhaps New York’s (and Miami’s, and the globe’s) most prolific event producer who’s been known the world over for his thrilling circuit parties and dynamic major galas and benefits since 2010, Jake Resnicow is back from lockdown with a vengeance this holiday season… and millions will be down for all the kikis he has to offer!

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Thanks for talking to us today, Jake! This is a very busy time for you and your team, no doubt. First of all, congrats on your recent fifth anniversary of the current circuit party you’re best known for these days: M.E.A.T.! How did that go?
It went great. We also recently debuted the party in Chicago for Market Days. It was wild and can’t wait to be back next year!

What is the secret to the success of these types of nights? Do you have that formula down pat?
I have a great team, and am fortunate to work with so many talented DJs and performers. Together, we’re always looking to create new and exciting elements for each event, and up the production value.

Where are you from originally, and how did you find yourself in the partymaking business?
I am from just outside Boston, MA. My first event was 2010 was when we took over Governors Island during Pride. Seeing thousands of smiling faces as the fireworks went off, I knew this was my calling. That being said, entertainment has always been in my blood. I got my start MCing weddings and bar-mitzvahs when I was a teenager.

You’ve hosted massive events and major fundraisers, and enlisted countless stars on the scene as well as bona fide celebrities. Have you had an event you produced that you will always remember the most fondly, or that you’re the most proud of?
Without a doubt, our WorldPride event at the Javits Center. I love integrating as many elements as possible to give our guests a 360° experience! We brought together Bette Midler, Kygo, Billy Porter, STOMP, Cirque du Soleil, Beyonce’s choreographer Chris Grant, fifty pro-dancers, as well as a cast of thirty Broadway performers to all come together on the same stage for an amazing cause! I’m most proud of how we integrated each performance seamlessly without any stoppage of the music, and made history. Together, we raised over $500,000 to benefit LGBTQ+ organizations.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever seen happen at one of your events?
At “Utopia” [in Mexico], several of our performers started casually teaching a few choreographed dance moves in the middle of the dancefloor. Moments later, hundreds of guests joined, and it became this magical moment of community I’ll never forget.

Many party producers eventually start running their own venues. Did that prospect ever interest you?
I would be open to it, but I truly love focusing on special events. I approach each event from the lens of how can we do more and be extraordinary. Whether we’re taking over a water park or an island, I challenge my incredible creative team to go the extra mile. Each event must be special and memorable.

How world-destroying was it to have to sit out through lockdown, as a person whose livelihood and passion are about bringing people together?
It was devastating, but after the storm always comes a rainbow. [That period of lockdown] was where we also cultivated the magic of “Utopia” retreats in the Poconos and Isla Mujeres.

You have a lot of events coming up this spooky season and beyond. Let’s talk about them, starting with: “Haus of Tuluminati” on November 13th at Superior Ingredients with DJs Alexis Tucci and Cindel plus Xtian!
This will be a truly unique musical experience!

And a some major out-of-town destination kikis will be coming our way as well.
New Years Weekend we’re bringing “Dreamland” to Miami Beach with five parties over four days! Headliners include Kim Petras, Todrick Hall, Sofi Tukker and Purple Disco Machine, plus Alexis Tucci, Matt Denton, Spencer H, Las Bibas from Vizcaya, Ty Sunderland and many more amazing artists to be revealed. We’re also taking over multiple hotels and spectacular open-air venues. For just $99 down, you can lock in the full experience including three night accommodations at one of our exclusive hotels.

And later in the spring, a major international event returns!
Our magical “Utopia Festival” returns April 1-4, 2022 to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

All amazing events! Lastly: You look great! What’s the secret to staying in shape and being healthy, with such a demanding and often stressful career that has bizarre hours?
It’s not easy! I try to start every morning with a run and get the gym out of the way. I have to take weekends off. I also really enjoy finding time for a yoga session when possible.

Thanks so much, Jake!

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