Jack Tracy is out with the second part of his FOR YOU trilogy and it continues themes from the first album, released this summer.

Once again, songs and their accompanying music videos showcase a wide slice of the LGBTQ perspective from love, sex and breakups to masculine/feminine norms, body image and more.  

“The point was to tell universal stories with LGBTQ characters singing from an LGBTQ perspective,” Tracy explains.  

What makes Part 2 different from the first album is that in all but “Shame,” Tracy takes a backseat in the stories, playing a narrator, and handing the drama to actors, many of whom are recognizable from previous Necessary Outlet productions History, Big Law, Snowflake, and Community.

“Pretend to Love Me” takes place in a futuristic world where holographic prostitution has taken the place of modern-day Only Fans pages.  Bill Morton from Snowflake plays the patron who becomes obsessed with a sex worker (played by JJ Bozeman of Snowflake and History) to an uncomfortable end. 

In “Shame”, Jack Tracy portrays a 9-5 corporate-type who is uncomfortable in a gay bar surrounded by more progressive forms of queerness.  Will he be able to abandon his internalized shame?  

“Self-Destruct” stars Maddie Smalls from Snowflake, History, and Community, preparing for her ex to introduce her to his new love interest.  Everything seems fine until she begins to stumble down memory lane.

“Skin” displays vignettes of different people dealing with body image issues.  Jude Stav from History decides whether to progress with hormone therapy while Lebene Ayivor from Community, despite the support of her loving boyfriend, struggles with her weight. 

FOR YOU Part 2 is written and produced by Jack Tracy, mixed by Brent Kolatalo and mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering.  The visual album is directed, choreographed and produced by Jack Tracy, with Joseph Patrick Conroy as the director of photography, assisted by JJ Bozeman and Sehee Kim.  Erik Schneider serves as art director.

The third and final part of the FOR YOU trilogy will debut early in the new year with three love songs and a bonus track that hints at a new direction for future music projects.  Once released, Jack Tracy plans to promote all three albums with a live show.

FOR YOU Part 2 is available now.  Part 1 is also available now.