Ryan Colford Photography

Solo Exhibition

Opening reception
November 11
225 19th Street between 7 & 8 Ave

“Insomnia” – that time when the stillness of the night envelopes you and you hang suspended between sleep and wakefulness.

“In that limbo state as I try to calm my mind from the manic stresses of time and emotion it’s when those stray images surface.

“This particular series focuses on those near fantasy images that I’ve projected and envisioned to lull and amuse my mind into a sense of calm. Some of these pieces have some very significant symbolism that you might expect to find in a dream but are thought out in that in between state.

Ryan Colford is an art and fashion photographer based in New York City. His work has appeared in magazines worldwide, ads, movies, gallery exhibitions and multiple model agencies in NYC. His website is

Ryan Colford Photography