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What do you call someone who has no filter when it comes to dishing the dirt? You call him Ike Avelli!

What started out as a last-minute fill-in at his own holiday party in 2009, Ike Avelli is taking the country by storm by following his lifelong dream of performing standup comedy. In school, he was considered a class clown, often
imitating his teachers and winning over his classmates. He would do the same in the workplace, creating characters of his managers.

“Simon Cowell is looking for a nice British girlfriend. I suggested Boy George” – Ike Avelli

When on stage, he covers everything from celebrity gossip, family, his sex life (which usually takes about three seconds of his act) and most importantly, makes fun of himself. He has hit many venues, and some of his favorites
have been in NYC; Las Vegas; Windsor, Conn.; Philadelphia; and Hollywood, Fla. He has been opening up for recording artist Amber Ferrari on Long Island for the last two years. He is a supporter of the LG BT community and has performed for LIFEbeat and the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut as well as The Imperial Court of New York. He is known for his big mouth and even bigger heart, as he loves to spend time after shows hanging with his fans, who are known as “Ike-aholics.” Want to be an Ikeaholic?
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“Adele is a mom! Does that mean her new CD will be about shitty diapers instead of shitty boyfriends?” – Ike Avelli

Ike is starring in his current show “I’ve Slept My Way To The Top… Twice,” which he also wrote and produced, and it will be hitting NYC Saturday, September 7! Come take a ride with Ike as he takes you back throughout the decades of his life, with funny stories and hilarious jokes. It’s stand up meets variety, with lots of costumes and audience participation, as well as impersonations and many other surprises!

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Ike-aholics ask the questions:

Where would you like to see yourself comedy wise in the next few years? – Jaime B, Las Vegas
Great question Jaime! I would like to take my show “I’ve Slept My Way To The Top…Twice” on the road, especially where you live in Las Vegas! I would also love to write for other performers and take on some acting roles too!

Does DOMA stand for you’ll go Down On Me Again? – Kirsti, Blairstown, NJ
Well Kirsti, if I won the bet that DO MA would go away, then YES , over and over again!

If YOU, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan were all trapped in an elevator, what would you do? – Manic Marc, Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton, Penn.
Marc, that is easy! I would hit the EMERGENC Y STOP button, scream “Jackpot, I am on the PARTY elevator, equipped with wigs and vodka!”

What’s the biggest you have ever taken? – Shirley, Iselin, NJ I don’t want to brag Shirley, but it was last month for my colonoscopy procedure. Which pillow in your opinion tastes the best? – David, Houston TX
That is easy David, one that I have not already bitten! Who are some comedians that inspire you? – Paul, Toms River, NJ Hey David, I would say ALL women comics inspire me, with Joan Rivers being at the top of the list. I do love the old school comedians like Rodney
Dangerfield and Phyllis Diller. If I had to pick from current comics, it would be Lisa Lampanelli, Whitney Cummings and Rita
Rudner, among many others.

If you were stranded on an island, who are the two people or things you want to make sure you had with you? – Arlin, Somerset NJ
Very simple Arlin, it would be Ricky Martin and Mario Lopez! I chose them as I can’t have them off the island, because of the restraining order they have against me!

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what would be the topic? – Osma, Brooklyn
Oh Osma, that is an easy one for me! That would be Barbra Streisand, and the topic would be “longevity.” She keeps on going and continues to break records!

If you could be superhero for 24 hours, who would you be and why? – Lorraine, South Amboy, NJ
Nice question Lorraine. I am against bullying, so I would say a superhero who protects the innocent.

Is there a sweet tooth linked to your inspirations? – Deborah and Brian, Hope, NJ
Deborah and Brian, unfortunately there is a sweet tooth. I am inspired every time my spoon hits a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s!

Photos: Juan Ovalles Photography