Porn stars and twinks and bears, oh my! Normally I write about what YOU should get into, but last week I went to the HustlaBall and watched quite a bit of boys get into each other … literally! This had to be the sexiest party of the year. There were absolutely no rules, and, well, if there were some, no one was abiding by them. The HustlaBall is thrown every year by RentBoy and Manhunt. It hosts a crazy crowd consisting of everything from leather daddies to porn stars donning their most scandalous apparel, or in some cases nothing at all.

There were stages set up everywhere, and every so often the porn stars, go-go boys and a few strapping audience participants brought some of my favorite adult videos to life. Being the Glam Award nominated Best Dance Performer I am, I spent most of my time in the VIP Lounge. That’s where the world-famous porn producer and DJ Chi Chi LaRue was spinning.

Chi Chi LaRue is such an awesome DJ. I got my life alongside with  fellow Glam Award nominees Shameless McGreedy and Davide Laffe. In the VIP room, the beats were poppin’, we kept poppin’ bottles, and if you came here a virgin, you probably got your cherry popped too.

I didn’t just spend the whole evening in the VIP room; I also popped around a bit as there were four dance floors with shows from more than 40 porn stars and six other DJs, including DJ Hector Fonseca, DJ Phil Romano and DJ Manny Ward.

I partied the night away with some of my favorite Cali queens: Sister Roma and NYC transplant Rhea Litre. We really had a ball (or two in some cases). It was also awesome to see one of my favorite entertainers Danni Daniels. Danni and I met about three years back when I was performing at Chantal’s House of Shame in Berlin on my first European tour. I have been an admirer of Danni’s work ever since, and it is always a pleasure to be in his presence.

Next year be sure to get out and get into this epic event. The 14th Annual HustlaBall was unlike any party I have ever been to.

Later that evening I ran across Michael Formika, and I said to him, “Hey boo, are you having a good time?” and he replied, “Always!” I felt like if we just let our hair down this way a little more often, tossed back some good booze, threw on a jockstrap, enjoyed the company of hot naked men and twirled around to our favorite tunes, then life would “always” be a ball.

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