HUSH’s Kedwin Zapata

Some holiday cheer with new hotspot Hush’s bar babe Kedwin Zapata

Hello, Kedwin. You bartend the weekend at Boxers Chelsea and now at NYC’s newest hotspot HUSH on the weeknights, which has already been a huge success. Tell us about the space and what your time there’s been like so far.

I loved the space before it became HUSH–aka [when it was] Therapy. Those Therapy stairs were dangerous, though, lol. Flash forward to this completely renovated venue, the grittiness of it all, and I’m in love all over again. When you first walk in, you’re welcomed into our “Greet Room,” in which you can grab yourself a stiff cocktail, socialize, flirt, and vibe to the music videos on one of our many screens. Best part: It’s a center bar! Those are my favorites because I feel people are kinda forced to interact (not in a bad way, lol). I miss that in NYC bars, and I’m glad we’re slowly bringing that back. So far, it’s been great. YOU guys are the ones that bring the energy to the space. And it’s been nothing short than amazing. Thank you!

There are lots of great drag shows and DJ nights there now. Do you have a personal favorite night yet?
“Lots” is an understatement, lol. We have shows and DJs seven nights a week! There’s a great DJ lineup including a Jersey favorite, DJ Skittlez; our Boxers resident DJ, jRoc; DJ Nandi–who travels more than he DJ’s, but he’s great, lol.

And if you haven’t seen a Dragon Sisters show, you’re missing out. This BK duo has def brought the fire to HUSH on Wednesday nights. Our talent/show director Marti Allen-Cummings has lined up a great showcase of diverse talent throughout the week. You shall never leave HUSH unsatisfied.

There’s a major sexy vibe happening there, between the gogo boys and the cute patrons, and of course all you hotties behind the bar with your lethal shirtlessness, lol. Is that all distracting for you?
Yes, I love that. I mean, sex is a huge part of our community. A distraction, not quite–I think it’s the decade of slinging drinks that has made me immune to being easily distracted by a bar cutie. But I do love to see it!

Speaking of drinks: Any recommendations for a good, festive beverage this season?
Jim! C’mon! This is what I do! Lol, have you ever had Coquito? It’s basically eggnog, but not really. It’s a Puerto Rican, festive, creamy beverage that can easily be made and stored to sip on for the rest of the festive season. I’ll send you my Zapata version of it!

Delicious! And lastly, what do you want from Santa this year?
If we’re talking about Santa as a higher being, then the same thing I ask ‘em for every year: prosperous health, joy, love, and peace of mind. Now, if Santa wanna get nasty…he can throw in a lil’ muscle bottom that can cook a mean meal to the mix!

Put a bow on that, lol. Thanks Kedwin!

348 W. 52nd St

20 W. 20th St

IG: @kedwinzapata

Catch Kedwin in his Boxers every weekend at Boxers Chelsea for NYC’s hottest parties TGIF Friday’s & Viva La Vida Saturdays.

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