Hooray for Sugar Wood!

Austin Allan came up with idea for his adult-themed dessert shop while traveling abroad.  He saw penis-shaped baguettes in Paris, cookies in San Francisco, wine bottles in Napa Valley and penis and vagina waffles in Europe and Latin America; and thought it was an idea that could work in NYC!

Austin Allan at his Sugar Wood shop

He partnered with Ron Ervolino and Magnolia Bakery’s Tom Smallwood, a contestant on the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship.  After a year of planning, they soft-launched Sugar Wood in June and their $10 penis-shaped “Woody” waffles and vagina-shaped “Kitty” waffles have been selling like, well… hotcakes.

Woody and Kitty are ready for their hard launch.  Sugar Wood will celebrate its grand opening on Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8 at its Soho shop at 157 Prince Street.   We spoke with Austin Allan for details.

Congratulations on the grand opening!  You soft-launched the shop in June.  What did you learn this summer about NYC’s appetite for adult-themed desserts?
Austin Allan:We learned that people are hungry for our Woodys and Kittys!

Who are your best customers?
Austin Allan:  Our best customers are those that come to Sugar Wood to have a good time!  Nothing makes me happier than hearing laughter in the shop.  It means we are doing something right and bringing a little bit of joy to the world.

What is your most requested item?
Austin Allan:  That’s an easy one!  It’s the Woody waffle, dipped in milk chocolate, with a white chocolate drizzle.  Because it’s so popular we call it ‘the Classic Woody’.  Another popular combo is our PB+J, which is our take on the peanut butter & jelly sandwich: peanut butter sauce with strawberry drizzle.   They are super popular because they are delicious flavor combos, and also look incredible in photos.

The celebrity wall at Sugar Wood. Look closely!

How does Sugar Wood help to break down societal taboos?  Is the real intention to simply poke a little fun at private parts?
Austin Allan:  Isn’t poking fun at something the best way to destigmatize it?  We want everyone who walks in the door to feel comfortable, welcome, safe and free to be whoever they are.  We often joke with customers having a hard time choosing between Woody and Kitty that “we don’t judge and we don’t tell,” but it’s actually true.  The only rule at Sugar Wood is that there are no rules.

What do you have planned for the grand opening weekend?
Austin Allan: There will be appearances by several NYC drag queens, a fun promotion with dating app FROME, special discounts, prizes, and a few plans that we are keeping under wraps.  You’ll have to visit to find out what they are!

Sugar Wood is located at 157 Prince Street and open Wednesdays through Sundays.  Its Grand Opening event takes place October 7 and 8 from 2pm – 10pm.  Visit sugarwood.co


Ben Nelson

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