From the very moment Aaron Hanson danced into the room, it was apparent he was filled with energy, “positive” drama and intense creativity . This was certainly a special individual. He came accompanied by his sweet and beautiful wife, Janet, and his production manager and partner Ray Williams, with the intent of doing a new video remix of his huge, free-style hit “Hungry for your Love,” originally recorded by “Hanson and Davis .”

Within three minutes of the interview, one could immediately sense his passion for music, his amazing talent, his heartfelt life philosophy and his kindness. Aaron Hanson is a true musical genius. Among his other credits, this songwriter and artist wrote the super free-style hit “Silent Morning” recorded by Noel, and is about to have his first movie “Kid Roe” released this month. Hanson has a huge gay following, which he is very proud of. He will be performing his hits at the Get Out! Awards on December 14. He is also coming out with his brand new single in February, which promises to become a mega hit.

So Aaron, can you briefly sum up your accomplishments in the entertainment industry?
I’ll tell you like this, come with me, it’s actually a lot more complicated. It’s not something I can literally describe to you because my track record and all the things that I’ve done building up to his point have been very intense. I’ve had an intense life. I think about music. A lot of people don’t do that. I’m in the studio in my sleep writing material. It’s crazy. So, I leave my recording equipment on in my studio so when I wake up, I can record it before I forget it. I thought that something was wrong with me until someone said Beethoven did the same thing, and I said really? Then I felt comfortable. I actually tried to get out of music and I can’t. It calls me.

So music is in your blood.
It’s freaky. It’s totally freaky. So now what I’m trying to do, well, I’ve been a millionaire twice. I’ve been broke. I’ve lived both sides of the fence. I’m literally about leaving people better off than when I found them. I just wanna bless as many people as I can before I die. All this money, the jewelry, the bling-bling, the yachts, the fast cars, the drugs. I did all that shit and none of it goes in our casket. We
don’t take any of it with us. The only thing we take with us is the love. So, my little mission right now it to love as many people as I can, and I just wanna ride the love. I just wanna sit on top of a pony called love and just ride it as much as I can. That’s all I want do, because what else is there? Tell me something better than that and I will shut the fuck up.

And who is Ray Williams?
I’m working with my boy Ray, who is a true musical genius. He plays so many different instruments. He’s off the chain. I play like
seven instruments. He has me topped. He’s more like a classical, gospel, R&B, writer, producer, musician.

Tell us about your extreme gay following.
Well, I’m a lesbian. I’ve been doing this so long. The gay community has been supporting me so much. I think I would not be on the radio, would not be in the clubs or in magazines if they didn’t have my back. It’s just who I am. It’s just what I do. You know people say “gay” like as if it’s something different. Who you sleep with is your business. It’s not fair. What makes that different? Like, how dare people do that? It annoys me. You know like, mind your own business. Who cares! If someone is happy, be happy for them. Love has no limits. Let me tell you something. People have loved me that I didn’t even know, loved me, and if it weren’t for these people, I probably would not still be here. I’m a nut case. I love to laugh all day, but when it comes to my work, I don’t play.

Tell us about your least favorite things.
I hate liars. I can’t work with anything that’s not the truth. Even if you’re gonna hurt my feelings, just tell me the truth. It’s like a huge tree in the middle of the highway. You can go around it, you can go under it, it’s still gonna be there. As long as you handle the truth, you’re gonna be OK. As long as you’re true to yourself. Life is not about finding yourself; life is truly about creating yourself. If you can put the energy into creating yourself, founded on love, you will never fall. No one can touch you. When you master you, no one can touch you.

Your new movie and new hit single are about to be released really soon. Start talking.
I can’t say the name of my single yet. It’s coming out in February. My record label is gonna flip. The movie is called “Stud Row” and is coming out this month.

Hanson can be seen Saturday, November 16 at Wall Street and at the Bunkhouse / VIP Lounge on Wednesday, November 27 (Thanksgiving Eve) as well as at the Get Out! awards, december 14 at xl.