Ginger Snapt Bingo at Posh Bar & Lounge

Ginger Snapt started bingo at Posh Bar & Lounge years ago, and after a hiatus she’s back on Monday nights!

What can we expect at Bingo Mondays at Posh? How does it work?
Basically everyone knows that I’m not your typical quiet drag queen. I love to play bingo, but I also like everyone to be a part of my night, from the DJ to the bartenders to the crowd. I play rounds of bingo and I also perform and even throw in a contest now and then. Bingo is really simple. You get two boards and you play bingo. I call a ball while I am sitting on my own ball, and if I call O69 you mark it. Simple!

There are a lot of gay bingos out there – what makes this one special?
Like I said, I just don’t sit and call the bingo ball, I engage the crowd. I make them feel special in a way. Granted, the crowd does like when I read someone. But it’s all in fun! My bingo is so special because it’s me hosting it. I started bingo at Posh but left because my dad was ill. Gusty Winds did a great job when I left. But my, there is something about the Posh crowd I love.

Are there a lot of regulars or are newbies allowed too?
There are so many regulars that have followed me around from my other bingo gigs. But they are not regulars now, they became friends. I love when new people come for the first time and they say they hate

bingo, and by the time bingo is over, they always say they are coming back! Love that.

So you used to do bingo at Posh. What brought you back there?
Yes, I did do bingo. Like I said, my dad was very ill and I had too much on my plate, so I had to leave. But when they approached me to come back, I had to jump on it.

Tell us more about you – your personality, where else you perform, etc.
Well, I’m 5’4”, Aquarius, like long walks on the beach and I’m into midgets! [laughs] I also work at LIPS restaurant, the ultimate in drag dining. It’s been the most amazing job I’ve ever had. I’ve been with LIPS for 11 years.


Bingo With Ginger Snapt
Mondays at
9 p.m.
Posh Bar & Lounge
405 West 51st St


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