2012 Icon Award Sherry Vine
NYC Performer Lady Bunny
NYC Drag/Trans Performer Holly Dae
Drag/Trans Live Singer Peppermint
NYC Comedy Drag Bianca Del Rio
RuPaul’s Personality (any season) Sharon Needles
GoGo Boy Geronimo
Club DJ Steve Sidewalk
Bar DJ Scotty Rox

Plus all of the bar and club winners!

Special thanks to Nikki Exotika, Oh My Josh, Melania Sorte Martinez, Victoria Chase, Marti Gould Cummings, Aiden Leslie, Geo Louis, Sir Honey Davenport for performing.

Extra special thank you to Miki Alvarez and Randy Alvarez for handing out the awards; Bianca Del Rio for hosting; Michael Musto, Frankie C and Jesse Volt for your stage-side help; for all our special award winners; and for everyone who voted and attended the awards.