Your starting point in go-go dancing was at the legendary Splash Bar in New York City. Do you miss it?
I loved working at Splash, definitely miss it, but I’ll still jump on a pole or box here and there to show off a little bit and get my go-go fix in.

When did your interest in being a chef kick in?
I was always interested in cooking, and my family was always supportive, but I didn’t know how to pursue this career and be profitable. So, I figured out my niche and started my own business.

What was the response from people when you spoke of being a chef?
Most people’s jaw drops when I say that I’m a chef, I’m sure for multiple reasons, but I’ll take that as a compliment. [laugh] Overall, people know me as a bartender or go-go dancer and are very happy that I’m pursuing my passion. Their next question is usually, “What’s for dinner?!”

So, a chef on Fire Island – what does it entail?
It’s pretty labor intensive. From planning a menu, shopping for it, getting everything to the job site one cart at a time, cooking, serving, entertaining and cleaning up. As long as you plan it out, everything will run smoothly.

I see that your website is called Do you chef in a towel, jock or thong?
Depending on the client. I will cook in go-go shorts and an apron, if appropriate (my staff as well), but for real, be careful being shirtless in the kitchen—everything splatters, [so] leave it to a professional! Either way, I like the satisfaction of making my clients happy with my personality and cuisine, no matter what I’m wearing.

Are you a private chef for hire?
I am. I’m ready to take on any challenge, whether it be a dinner for two or a party for 200, plus I will travel.

What is your ultimate life goal?
To be successful. I always try and do my best and hope that my services are recognized as above and beyond.

Do you have a signature dish?
Not necessarily. I have some go-to dishes, but I’m pretty well rounded as a chef. I love to cook healthy, and I’m always coming up with new dishes. I cater to my client. I assess your flavor profile and make a custom menu per your taste.

Are you building your clientele? Anyone we should know about?
All the time! I won’t name drop, but I have cooked for very respected, well-known families: Olympic medalists, major charities and even NFL stars.

Where do you chef besides Fire Island?
I work in the West Palm Beach area in the winter. I follow some of my snow bird clientele for seasonal work.

Anything you’d like our readers to know about Brandon Propst?
Honestly, I just want to get my name out there. This is my passion, this is my art and I want to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

Where can our readers find you?
I’m on Twitter and Instagram under
@bspropst and #thegogochef.

I must say, Brandon Propst is delightful and delicious, as are the fabulous dishes he whips up. Let’s not forget, a man who can cook and wear just an apron as he serves you is always HOT!