Addicted is unleashing mesh wear that perfectly stretches to fit the contours of men’s curves. Made from 100% polyester, the new collection features long pants, tanks, shorts and briefs. All come in an assortment of vibrant and attractive color combinations and are available now at Rainbows & Triangles (192 8th Avenue) or online at

Addicted is the lower price point brand to designer label ES Collection (prices range from $18 to $70); however, Nir Zilberman of Men’s Trends Agency says, “The quality is far superior to comparable brands.”

The difference is in the fabric. Where ES uses the fine Italian fabrics used by Prada, Gucci and other high-end designer brands, Addicted exports less expensive fabrics from Spain and Portugal.

“The same team who design for ES design for Addicted,” says Zilberman. “The lower price point allows them to push boundaries even further.” In addition to the stretch mesh hugging the frontal pouch – making objects appear larger than they are – Addicted’s full rear coverage pushes the buttocks up, giving it a well-defined, muscular shape.

The stretch mesh in the shirts is also form shaping. Tanks are looser around the waist (more forgiving to love handles) yet tighter around the arms and chest to give the illusion of a bigger upper build. “Many of us cheated on our diets and workouts this winter. Addicted’s spring collection is designed so no one will know,” says Zilberman.

By Ian Sandburg