Top model Dominique Jackson has been chosen as one of the transgender stars of Oxygen’s newest program, “Strut,” produced by Whoopi Goldberg, which premiered on Tuesday, September 20, at 9 p.m.

Jackson is represented by the one and only exclusive transgender modeling agency, Slay Model Management, founded by Cecilio Asuncion. Jackson is also an entertainer, recently appearing at XL, an author and an activist.  

Originally from the Caribbean, Jackson has had to face many struggles, trials and insensitivities through people’s ignorance and unawareness. At 40 years old, she is beautiful, animated and really sweet. We traded questions and answers regarding the new reality show, her role, her take on the show and the ways in which it might help educate people and open up more doors for the transgender community.

What is it like for you appearing on “Strut”?
Being on “Strut” gives me a platform to help educate the world on a sect of its existence that they do not comprehend.

What is the premise of the show, and what is your role?
The show follows the fabulous, creative world of modeling. It just so happens that we are transgender. I have many roles, which hopefully people will be able to relate to. As per my cast mate, “I’m the mother goddess, perfection of the agency.”

What do you see happening for the future of transgender modeling, and perhaps in other fields that hopefully will become more open to people who are transgender?
Transgender models have always been here—for example, Tracey Norman, Lea T, Tula and others. So hopefully the future holds lots of work without discrimination. As far as other fields, yes, hopefully people will embrace the message of “Strut” and see us as human beings deserving of holding jobs for which we do qualify.

When can “Strut” be seen?
Strut airs every Tuesday on Oxygen, premiering Tuesday, September 20, at 9 p.m.

Tell us a little about the modeling agency.
The agency’s director and founder is Cecilio Asuncion. The agency is transgender exclusive, and we have about 16 models, including the sensation Laith Ashley, the spitfire Arisce Wanzer, the beauty Isis King, the diva Claudia Charriez and the gorgeous newcomer Ren Spriggs.

What is next for Dominique?
I honestly believe in being guided by God and the universe, so I’m just waiting on them, and hopefully some major campaigns are on the way.