DJ Serving Ovahness, New York City born and raised, admits to being taught by iconic legend Junior Vasquez. Performing at the largest parties all over the world, including NYC Gay Pride, Serving Ovahness is about to spin at the world-renowned Cherry Weekend on April 15 in Washington, D.C.

So I understand that you’re one of the most sought after DJs in the world. Is that true?
It depends who you speak to.

Are you a traveling, international DJ going all over the world?
Yes I am. I’ve done Tel Aviv, and I probably will be doing Asia this summer.

What’s the biggest party that you’ve ever done?
Tel Aviv was huge, and also possibly New York Pride.

New York Pride?
New York Pride is always a big one. I’m born and raised in NYC, and I’ve always had a really good reception in New York. That year I had done it with Frankie Knuckles before he passed away. It was a very special Pride.

So tell me about this party in D.C.
In D.C. we’re doing Cherry Weekend. It’s a fundraiser in D.C., and there’s a really great lineup Tom Stephan, PAULO, Isaac and myself. This is my first year coming out to the Cherry, and it’s very exciting to do it. It has a great crowd too. D.C. for me is very much like New York in the sense of the fans are very well versed in the music, so they really pay attention to what you’re playing, and I love a crowd that loves music. I like to put in a lot of work into what I play and bringing in a wide breath of knowledge when it comes to music—not just commercial, but I also do a lot of underground to incorporate that into my music. It’s always a lot of fun. I know that the crowd knows and are paying attention and appreciate it.

And you produce your music too, correct?
Yes, I do. I currently produce for Eight Ball Records. I have an EP coming out soon with three original tracks, and then I’m also doing classic house, updated remixes for the label. All kinds of compilations coming out later this year. I’m keeping busy.

So in D.C. where and when will you be playing?
I’m kicking it off on Thursday, April 15, and I’m going to be playing at Colbalt, one of the main gay clubs in D.C. I’ll be there from 10 to 3.

Do you play in New York too?
Yeah. Actually, [I played] New York on Friday, March 20, with DJ Boris. I grew up with him. He has a lot of influence in the industry. I used to listen to him when he did Sanctuary on KTU.

How long have you been a DJ?
About five years DJing, but I’ve been in music for a very long time, on and off. I’ve worked behind the scenes producing and kind of shadowing other DJs maybe six to eight years. I finally decided to get into it and started to go out on the road myself, flawlessly—just continue part of the journey.

Do you take requests?
If it’s something that works with what I’m doing, I will make a note of it. I don’t take requests because musically it’s not how I work. I think my crowd respects not to do that to me.

Anything else you want to say or promote?

Looking forward to the event, joining my colleagues, giving everybody a good time.

Who were your influences in the DJ world?
Junior Vasquez was my teacher.

I’m scared of him.
He’s the kind of person who says, “If you wanna do this, do the things you need to do.” We still talk rather frequently as he’s always checking up on me. He’s an incredible person. Considering the legend that he is, he’s a very down-to-Earth person. Not everybody sees that side, though.