Born and raised Jersey Boy DJ Rico Alexis started DJ’ing back in 1998 for private parties, sweet 16s and house parties as a second job. Five years ago when he lost his full-time job, Rico decided to follow his dream of producing, remixing and DJ’ing. Deko Lounge in Sayreville, new jersey (now iKon Lounge) was the first club to give him that opportunity back in OCTOBER 2008 working the Bar Room on Friday nights. Rico quickly MADE a name for himself On the scene, landing spots at all the top clubs in NEW JERSEY and Staten Island.
How’d you get started DJ’ing?
Oh, man. I was 15-16 and always had a love for music. I always had the hottest new beats, so I decided to work for this mobile DJ company to learn the basics. Back then, I had absolutely no rhythm at all! I remember my boss trying to teach me to beat match with a stick, pounding the floor counting off the beats for me, 1, 2, 3, 4. But I finally got it. I definitely drove my Mom crazy blasting music in my room from the time I got home from school till I fell asleep practicing, but she was very supportive with it.

You’re known for spinning a very high-energy set when you’re behind the decks, which reminds me of the height of NYC dance clubs. Who are some of your DJ inspirations?
It’s funny you say that because I was out on those dance floors of NYC during those times! Inspirations would be Jonathan Peters at Sound Factory, Junior Vasquez at Tunnel and The Roxy, Peter Rauhofer (hope he pulls through – I’m sure all DJs and his fans are praying for him), Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, Chus & Ceballos. I would love to see that kind of vibe again. I Love what Hector Fonseca and Honey Dijon are doing right now too.

What are some of your favorite places to currently spin?
Oh, a political question! I love them all for different reasons. Each venue gives you something a little different. iKon on Tuesdays, it’s more of a laid-back bar atmosphere; everyone knows each other with karaoke, drag show, hookah and dancing. With Eve on Thursdays, I love that crowd! They just love music.They’ll sing along to the hip hop or fist pump to that house music. Come summer, it’s like an all-new outdoor party with tiki bar and grill. The Den on Saturdays, they have a religious following of people that come every week no matter what ready to dance with the all-new remodeled club. And at Paradise on Fridays I get to play more of the house music I love, and that crowd just eats it up! With the new video wall and laser, it just takes the experience to the next level.

Speaking of Paradise, you’re the Friday night resident DJ. What’s it like being part of the Paradise Family?
Exactly that. I love it there. It really is a family, and every single one of them has taken me in with open arms. Shep Pettibone built a “paradise” for the gays to go to, and I can’t wait to see how crazy it gets there with me DJ’ing every Friday night this summer!

Any thoughts on taking a crack at producing and maybe creating music for artists?
I actually play a lot of my own remixes and mashups now. I don’t like releasing so much of them; I feel it takes away from my style. If every DJ had my tracks, no one would know it was me when I was DJ’ing. I am looking to get into the studio harder and start releasing my own full creations though.

What’s next for Rico Alexis?
My goal over the next six months is to really hit the studio hard and release some big club bangers that can take me to the next level as a DJ. It only takes that one track, and then who knows!

DJ Rico Alexis can be found at: – iKon Lounge: Krave Tuesdays  (Sayreville, NJ)
– Eve Ultra Lounge: Eve Thursdays (Staten Island, NY)
– Paradise: Friction Fridays  (Asbury Park, NJ)
– The Den: BUMP! Saturdays  (Somerset, NJ)

///BY michael cook