Whips ‘80S Classic Into Pride Anthem

A staple among NYC’s velvet rope scene – alongside friends Amanda Lepore and Bianca Del Rio – Dina Delicious’ name celebrates her pleasing curves. “My friends call me Double Dee. I added Delicious because I just am!”
She has undergone dozens of surgeries to transform herself into the bodacious art form she is today. “You know when you go to the doctor and they have you fill out the form listing all previous surgeries? I leave it blank just to
fuck with them,” she laughs. Her earliest music memory is of her mom dancing around the house while listening to Donna Summer. Dina remembers being fascinated by how music could stir all kinds of emotions. She hopes her beats whip up similar feelings.

Her debut track, “Bubble Wrap,” was about breaking free from suffocating people and experiences. “I hate when people try to stifle my creativity,” she explains. “Do you know how
many times I’ve heard ‘You can’t because the world isn’t ready for a transgender pop star’ or ‘You can’t because you need the backing of a major record label’? I believe the world is ready for everything and that if I create openly and honestly, my message will get out there.” In time for pride, Dina Delicious is unleashing her remake of Stacey Q’s ‘80s smash “Two of Hearts.” She’ll perform it at several NYC-area events this month: Queens Pride on Sunday, June 2; Splash’s F Word on Friday, June 7; and NYC Pride Fest on Sunday, June 30. What inspired you to make “Two of Hearts” into a pride anthem? It’s a fun dance song with a message of one love and hope. I knew I could update it and still be true to the song. It has a delicious fun beat. It’s infectious! My version really brings it. It fits perfectly with where I see myself going musically. I’m a party girl through and through, and I believe in love. “Two of Hearts” is a party song and a love song, and there’s a sense of
vulnerability in the song that I love. Why was it important to release it now?
With marriage equality in the news and judgments being passed on whom we can and cannot love, I felt the song would speak to people.

I love that there is no mention of “he” or “she” in it. It’s simply two hearts that beat as one. It’s about unity, the perfect subject for pride.
What should the gay community be most of proud of this pride season?
That we are finally being recognized. We have out actors that are working and thriving. Samesex
couples are getting married and adopting children. We are opening people’s eyes and starting conversations. We are not backing down, and we won’t ‘til the job is done.

What personal achievement are you most proud?
These past few years have been a roller coaster ride for me. But this year, I’m really proud of my music. There is so much more to come.

Are you living your dream? I’m living my dream in so many ways. I get to work with amazing people in both the nightlife and music scenes. I love all the wonderful people I meet while I’m out performing. I couldn’t do any of this without them.

What new artists are you listening to now?
Lana Del Rey is giving me everything I need vocally right now. I’m also obsessed with Nikki Williams, Kerli, Krewella and Zedd.

How do you plan to celebrate pride?
Getting twisted with everyone. What’s the first word that pops into your head
when you hear Amanda Lepore?
Jinkx Monsoon?

Dina Delicious performs
“Two of Hearts” at THE EVOLUTION STAGE AT Queens
HERR on Sunday , June 2;
Splash’s F Word on Friday ,
June 7; and NYC Pride Fest
on Sunday , June 30.

Song available now on iTunes

///BY Shane Gallagher