Dina Delicious – Tick Tick Trick

Dina Delicious, The World’s Number One Trans Bombshell, Wants You To Play Her New Song, Just Don’t Play Her

“Tick Tick Trick” Releases To iTunes on Tuesday, January 20, 

Along with New Music Video

A song she first premiered at Life Ball in Vienna last May is finally being unleashed for all the fabulous world to enjoy.   At its core, Dina Delicious’ “Tick Tick Trick” is a break up track about Dina playing a former flame before he gets the chance to wreck her. “You gotta blow their spot up and shut it down with a quickness that makes them gag,” she says when ending an expired relationship. The song’s fast-moving, highly contagious beats are a throwback to nineties house, but Dina’s biting, no holds barred message is spot-on 2015. “Tick Tick Trick” is available on iTunes now.

“I have no patience for men who wanna play games,” continues Dina from her home in New York City.  “You wanna mess with me?  The way I build a man up is the same way I knock him down.  There’s power in beauty.  I never seek to destroy, ever.  I just walk away.  Men destroy themselves after that.”

Dina Delicious is a vixen.  She’s Kim Kardashian meets Bond girl.  She’s also an actor, singer, songwriter, nightlife personality, occasional fashion model, and artist muse. Her ability to wear multiple hats has made her one of the most prolific trans artists – or, artist who is trans, as she prefers to be called – on the scene right now.  This fall, Dina was featured alongside Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and other leading ladies on the cover of the 5th anniversary of C?NDY Magazine.  The issue celebrated everything transversal and the cover shot was by world-renowned fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco.

While most trans artists fight to be taken seriously, Dina Delicious takes the opposite approach.  She’s loud and brash.  She fights to shift perception through humor.

“I believe in laughter,” she explains.  “I believe that when people laugh together, they share something universal: a moment that’s bigger than all.

“Believe me, I can be very emotional,” she clarifies. “I just don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder.  I roll the dice in love and life every day but I always place my bets on a smile and a good story.”

Her look is evolving and cinematic, as are all facets of her artistry, including the music video for “Tick Tick Trick”.

The inspiration was Dick Tracy, the 1965 exploitation film Faster, Pussycat Kill! Kill!, and the iconic illustrations of Patrick Nagel.  Dina wanted fast-paced and visually stimulating with lots of color.  “The first thing Dina said to me in our initial meeting was ‘I trust your vision. All I want, though, is a sex scene, a car and I want to blow something up’,” says Santiago Felipe, the video’s director. “I figured, sure! So we started building the story around her ideas.”

“Tick Tick Trick” is Dina’s fourth single release.  It follows “Bubble Wrap”, ”Black Widow”, and her cover of Stacey Q 80’s hit, “Two of Hearts”.

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard ‘You can’t because the world isn’t ready for a transgender pop star’ or ‘you can’t because you need the backing of a major record label’? I believe the world is ready for everything and that if I create openly and honestly, I can.”

She feels it’s a unique time for the trans community and that being a part of it and seeing it happen is thrilling.   She regularly hosts galas and banquets for the Trevor Project, the Audre Lorde Center and The Anti-Violence Project.  Each year, she also presents and performs NYC Pride.

“I don’t consider myself an activist but I’m definitely a voice and I have strong opinions,” Dina says.

“I’m no saint, trust me, but I think that by doing my thing and making my records, I’m making a difference and that is enough for me.”

Dina Marie’s “Tick Tick Trick” is available now on iTunes now.  For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/DinaDelicious.

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