///By Josephine Halle B.

So first, who is Dimitri Minucci and what is he about?
Wow, what an opening question! Well, I guess I am man who has been trying to figure out the meaning of it all. Aren’t we all? As far as music goes, I have always connected to music, from a very early age. It was and still is how I process it all. It helps me put life into perspective.
Do you think there is a difference between Dimitri the artist and the Dimitri your friends know? There used to be, for sure. I spent a lot of time pretending to be something I wasn’t. As an artist, I second guessed my music or bought into my own doubt. As a man, I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own skin to let people really get to know me. Now, I embrace it all and know who I am, so I think I am pretty much the same guy you see on and off stage.
Now you are a singer, songwriter, husband, friend, advocate and the list doesn’t stop there. How do you find time for it all? I don’t know, actually. Passion for the things we do definitely helps us all find, or should I say make – time for the things we want to do. Also, surrounding myself with people who are a positive influence and who make me want to be and do better is paramount.
So I hear you are recently married. Is your husband your biggest supporter? Yes, I was married in December, and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. My husband is my best friend and “supports all my life choices,” as he says as one of his many soundbites. He is a big part of my production process and is 100% honest with his feedback and input.
So, being a gay man who is an up-andcoming artist and hot on the scene right now, do you find being gay has helped or hindered you? Being proud of who I am and being myself has definitely lent itself to the relationships I have made – they just happen to be with gay men.
What advice do you have for our youth who may be trying to take the same course of artistry you are taking? I think I may have answered this question, at least in part, throughout the interview. What I haven’t said is: Be professional. Follow up, follow through. Be on time. Respect the relationships you make and the people you work with. No matter what profession we choose, integrity is paramount.
What is coming up for you this summer? A lot! I am releasing the EP of “Don’t Stop” in mid-June with remixes by Obra Primitiva, Eddie Martinez, Chad Rollinson and Dan DeLeon. You can also expect to hear “WhoWeAre,” the second release from my forthcoming project. I wrote “WhoWeAre” specifically for Pride, and it will be available for an exclusive and limited time in June. I will release more details about the release of “WhoWeAre” on my website and fan page on Facebook very soon.
In addition to new music, I will be performing all over NYC this summer. I am very excited about my return to SKYHIGH at Hudson Terrace on June 16, where I will sing “WhoWeAre” for the first time!
Josephine Halle B can be found starring in her new show “Scandal” at Bar Tini every Tuesday and at “The List” at G Lounge every Thursday