Money Sucks Friends Rule” is fast becoming my favorite CD to ride everywhere with. Each track touches your mood in a different eplosive manner. Dillon Francis along with such featured artists as DJ Snake, Brendon Urie (from Panic! at the Disco), Twista and The Rejectz, to mention a few, hits upon every new genre imaginable from moombahton, electro house, progressive house, dubstep, trap, reggae, dream pop, rap, hip hop, and I could continue to go on and on!

Dillon Hart Francis, also known as DJ Hanzel, DJ Rich AF, Becky, Rave Dad, Greg and Treva, has made a name for himself with his groundbreaking remixes. Francis, who is a record producer, Internet celebrity and DJ, has just released his debut album, “Money Sucks Friends Rule,” on October 28 via Columbia Records. In 2013 he was named by MTV as an artist to watch.

While the leading track “All That” includes the fastest rap I’ve ever encountered, track ten, “We Make It Bounce,” is marked by a reggae dance beat incomparable to anything I’ve ever heard. Track three, “When We Were Young,” is reminiscent of the British Invasion of the ‘80s as well as “We Are Impossible,” track nine, a very “Erasureish” sound. The last track on the album, “Hurricane,” can easily be a top 40 hit with an unstoppable dance beat. “What’s That Spell,” referring to the word “Fuck,” can easily become an anthemic rave.

Each and every track spells fun. Completely drama free, this album is unique and exciting and addicting. Dillon Francis is currently on tour and will be coming to Brooklyn at the Barclays Center January 16. He’s essential, so catch him there.