Daddy Daze

Anthony Varrecchia is the fourth of six New Yorkers we’re profiling who can be found on the world’s premier gay social network, Hornet

You’re allowed to call Anthony Varrecchia “Daddy.”

Through his work as a model, this rugged, scruffy New Yorker proves that beauty has no age limit. His followers on Instagram agree, as he has amassed 143,000 pairs of eyes that swoon over every pic he posts. From gym selfies to cups of coffee in bed, they can’t get enough of Varrecchia, and neither can we.

We spoke with Varrecchia about his journey – going from social media influencer to billboard model – and what he loves most about New York City.

What is your favorite thing about the gay community here in New York City?
I always refer to NYC as my Emerald City. It’s where I can be comfortable with who I am. When I entered the scene here, my world expanded. I’ve met the most interesting people and have made lifelong friends. My husband pulled me away from Staten Island and brought me here. After that, my world opened.

What are some of the brands you’ve worked with as a model and influencer?
The creator of Sheehan and Company reached out to me. We have a very similar look. He thought I’d be perfect to model his brand, and it’s an amazing company. From the apparel to the accessories, I love it all. I promoted Silber Fuchs NYC for a while, where I learned one thing: When you reach a certain number, the whole world changes. There is money to be made. I’m very lucky to be collaborating with a few other companies as well.

How do you stay in shape?
I work out every day, and I’m mindful of my diet. I’m also a trainer at Equinox. My body is my calling card.

What are some of your favorite things to do around New York?
Ride my bike! I love the feeling of the wind in my face! I’m also a huge coffee fanatic. I love visiting different cafés around the city.

Do you like it when guys call you “Daddy”?
I welcome it. I have absolutely no problem with it. I take pride in my age and the whole “silver fox” label. It’s fun. I belong to an agency in Australia called Silver Fox Management. They came across me through social media, and I accepted.

What is the sexiest part of a man for you?
Charisma, style, confidence and a great smile.

Any projects coming up?
I created my own brand, Anthony Varrecchia Limited, with apparel and accessories. The designs are all ready, and I’m just waiting for my funding to come through. I hit a bump in the road, but it’ll be out there soon. I have big plans down the road. I also belong to a few agencies and hope to continue to do more print work and travel. This past December, I was cast for the “Stay Sure” HIV campaign, promoting PrEP, PEP and TasP. It’s a project I’m proud to be part of, and it was very personal for me. Seeing myself on two billboards and countless ads all over New York City and on the side of a bus has just blown my mind.

Find Anthony Varrecchia on Hornet: @anthonyv
Hornet is currently available on iOS, Android and the Web.

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