Celebrating Her TRUE COLORS in
‘Home for the Holidays’ Benefit Concert

You have done so much for the LGBT community and youth. What prompted you to investigate the homeless situation plaguing these poor children? How did you first become aware?

They are not poor children – they are resilient and strong, but have been dealt a hard set of circumstances in life that we need to support them in overcoming. I learned that first hand about seven years ago when I met a group of young people on the Christopher Street Pier who were kicked out of their homes because they were gay or transgender. They shared their stories with me, and as a mom, I cannot understand how any parent can turn their kid away from their home. While they shared with me how they became homeless, they also shared with me what made them so incredible. Even though life had pushed them down, they were pushing forward and being their true selves. I made a commitment then and there to do what I could to help.

How can Get Out!’s readers become involved, spread the word and educate the public?
Join the True Colors Fund and visit our website at to learn more about LGBT youth homelessness and for ways that you can get involved.

You must be so overwhelmingly proud of Kinky Boots! When you were writing the score for the musical, what influenced or inspired you to write song after song, each so different in genre?
I wanted to make sure that everyone who came to the show could relate to someone standing on the stage. Kinky Boots tells the story about acceptance and redemption, and the way for the story really to come to life via the songs, and to give voice to all different kinds of people, I had to write in different genres.

While you were composing Kinky Boots, did you ever imagine that it would become the biggest hit on Broadway and win six Tony Awards, including best score?
I’m very excited by that. I think Kinky Boots is so successful because you walk out of the show feeling good. It’s a story I think everyone can relate to. It’s a story of accepting someone for who they are and how that not only empowers the person they accept, but it empowers the person doing the accepting too.

Did you ever stop and say, ”OMG, this is such a huge project I’ve undertaken!”?
With every project! But I am always up for a good challenge.

If you weren’t famous, what would you be doing?
I have no idea. Before I had a record deal, and before I found steady work in music, I just got fired from every job. So it’s a good job I can sing and write songs!

What is your favorite thing about humanity?
That when we come together to fix an injustice, we can change the world.
You are a new addition to a box of 64 crayons. What is your True Color?
Rainbow, of course!

Is there any special way that you would like to promote or express about your concert on December 6, Home for the Holidays?
It is a great night of music and comedy, all in support of the True Colors Fund’s work to help LGBT youth experiencing homelessness who need us to stand with them. So, come and join the party with me and so many incredible artists like 50 Cent, Rob Thomas, Natalie Maines, Sufjan Stevens, Salt-n-Pepa and so many more at the Beacon Theatre on December 6. Also, you do not want to miss our co-hosts Rosie O’Donnell and Laverne Cox!
What: Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays
When: Dec. 6, 2014
Where: Beacon Theatre, NYC

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