The beautiful and talented Cheyenne Elliott has just come off of performing at The Get Out! Awards and releasing her new single “With You,” which is now available to hear and purchase on iTunes. She also will be performing at NYC Pridefest. This celebrated new star—granddaughter of the legendary Dionne Warwick and cousin to the late icon Whitney Houston—also will be available to sign autographs and talk to the crowd at The Get Out! Magazine booth on Sunday, June 28. I stole a brief conversation with her and her mom, Lisa Gressett.

Cheyenne, you were amazing the other night at The Get Out! Awards.
CE: Thank you.

I received so many OMGs from your performance the other night.
CE: Really? Awesome.
LG: It was very entertaining and very intimate, and Cheyenne was like, “Mom, I’ve never performed like on the ground with everybody. It was very different. It was fun.”

I guess it must have seemed different than performing on a giant stage. So what was the experience like at the awards for you?
CE: I loved it. I thought it was really great. I don’t really go out a lot at all, so performing in a club-type setting was really fun for me. Everyone’s outfits and costumes, getting to see all of that, was really amazing.
So that was your very first drag show?
CE: Yeah, it was amazing.
LG: You know who we liked? Mike. He’s amazing.

Our publisher Mike Todd is great. We love him.
LG: He was so sweet. He ran out in the rain to say goodbye. I felt bad, but he was so nice. It was really nice talking with him and working with him. He’s great. He was very accommodating.
CE: I really like him, yeah.

Well your family has been part of his life, musically. What else is new on the horizon?
CE: Well, I am performing my new single “With You” at the 2015 Pridefest, and while my new music gets released, that’s kind of what we’re working on now…my music, writing and recording.

What’s up for Pridefest?
I’m really excited. We are going to be “With You” again. [laughs] It’s going to be my first time at a Pride event.

What you are going to be performing?
CE: They want me to perform and to sing my song, “With You.” I will talk, walk around and everything. I’m actually going to walk around with my cover on the magazine and meet and greet a few people and give out some autographs. Mike at Get Out! is setting up an intimate meet and greet for me at the Get Out! Magazine booth at Pridefest, so I will sign some autographs there as well. My magazine cover and interview will also be at the Get Out! Pridefest booth as well.
LG: We haven’t been given her time slot yet, so we will have to play it by ear on Sunday. I believe it’s between 12 and 5 in the daytime. I’ve never been to a Pride event either, so I’m very excited too. We are both very excited.

That’s going to be a blast. There’s going to be millions of people there.
CE: Oh my gosh, awesome.

You are going to Love it.
CE: I’m very excited.

So we will see you at Pride on June 27!
Anyone who wishes to meet Cheyenne is welcome to come on down and say hello! Cheyenne is performing at Pridefest on Sunday, June 28 at Hudson Street between Abingdon Square & W. 14th Street. Performance time and booth appearance to be announced. Be sure to listen and purchase Cheyenne’s new single “With You” on iTunes.

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