Carlos Aguayo at Pulsar Studio | NYC 2015 Photo By: Chris Arredondo

Carlos Aguayo | Creative Director at Get Out! Magazine

It would be impossible to publish this without it going through the most important person at Get Out! magazine first, so I am demanding it get designed. I want to thank Carlos Aguayo at Pulsar Studio for six years of amazing work. I met Carlos a few months after starting Get Out! magazine back in 2009, and as I still say today, he was sent from heaven to make this project bigger than ever anticipated.

Carlos is a miracle worker. With a few nods and sometimes aggravation, this magazine always gets published on time, no matter how big the task, thanks to Carlos’ hard work.

When others take weeks or months to nip and tuck and make adjustments, Carlos has always been able to change a logo, lay out the magazine and design the cover and articles at a minute’s notice.

Carlos will stop everything and go out of his way to make any idea a reality. Not only is he a true friend forever, he also provides the best service another company could ask for. He strives for perfection and accuracy and will always be an honor to work with.

Carlos likes to travel all over the world, as we all know, and frankly he deserves the time away, as even when he is out snapping photos of himself at all those tourist destinations he always checks in and does what he can to make sure the next issue gets ready for print.

We set our ad deadlines for Sundays, a few hours before print time, in order to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get their artwork to us. We always try to make it as easy and beneficial as possible to work with Get Out! so we can offer the best ad prices and service in the industry. We cut out all the overhead so we can pass along those savings to our clients.

Carlos is a man of heart, always ready to help promote anyone at a minute’s notice, while posting on social media or our website.  Everyone who has met Carlos knows that he will always go out of his way to help and encourage them to make good, sound promotions at the lowest expense.

There is not another designer like Carlos, and I doubt there will ever be. He is the designer of the century in my eyes, as well as everyone else that is lucky enough to work with him.

Thank you Carlos for all you do for Get Out!


Mike Todd
Publisher, Get Out! Magazine

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