One of the most astonishing nights I’ve ever had in my life, and I am sure I can also speak for those who were present, was last evening at Cafe’ Carlyle, located at 35 e 76th street in New York City. It was infused with wonder, surprise and aviance… a night I will always remember.There were many facets to this miraculous event, but the major reason for it’s magic was the epic performance by “Buster Poindexter” aka David Johansen, best known as the lead singer for the iconic New York Dolls, his role as the ghost in Scrooged and his hit single Hot, Hot, Hot.Being a long time fan of The Dolls, I was excited to begin with, however the talent, showmanship and artistry that Buster Poindexter possessed was above and beyond that of any mortal human. His singing, his comedy and his ability to play the harmonica the way he did was nothing short of astounding.

There was a song and a genre for everyone in the room .. and the room was adorned with everybody including Randy Jones from the Village People, (YMCA), and David Kon, columnist from The Gay City News.What further impressed me was Buster’s love and respect for his beautiful wife who was in the audience, loving him and respecting him back. The after party became a giant meet and greet, only more intimate and personal.

Matt Gross, was as usual an eloquent and amazing host. The Carlyle was filled with opulence and class.

Make your reservations without delay for Buster, who will be performing until Feb. 21st., at or by phone at 212-744-1600

Photos: Michael Wilhoite