Brandon Voss is quickly gaining momentum since his resignation from XL with his freshly branded events and promotions company, Voss NYC. “XL was a great opportunity,” says Voss, “but there were way too many chefs in the kitchen and roadblocks to properly execute on my vision for the club. I thought it best to do my own thing where I can maintain creative control.” Voss is certainly exercising his license for creative control at his new Friday party, SnapShot, and his freshly minted hit party at Marquee, Q Thursdays, which he opened over Pride. The opening night featured an unprecedented appearance by gay icon Cher and continues to draw more than a thousand revelers each Thursday.

To contrast with Voss’ typically large-scale club events, SnapShot Fridays features a more intimate atmosphere. Co-hosted by world-famous transsexual and nightlife legend, Amanda Lepore, and notable nightlife photographer, Marco Ovando, the party showcases Voss’ unique blend of the fabulous and the wild, with a focus on the see-and-be-seen nature of New York City nightlife and photography. SnapShot offers loads of visual stimulation in a sexually charged atmosphere, all of which is caught on film, plus creative weekly vignettes and outlandish performance art – “Think naked boys fencing, male ballerinas and drag queens on stilts,” says Voss. “The main goal was to create an experiential event, something different from a typical night out.” The highly sought-after DJ Coleman will provide the music, and experimental performance artist, Muffinhead, will help curate the weekly performance pieces at SnapShot.

The name, SnapShot, is quite literal as partygoers can expect photo shoots with models at the party and photographers roaming about to capture guests and their late-night antics. The imagery from each party will be featured in the advertising and promotions the subsequent week. Voss sees SnapShot as a return to his roots, producing great events for partygoers eager for something new and exciting. Prior to opening XL, Voss drew thousands to his weekly events, most notably Club 57 and Rockit at its various locations.

SnapShot, which debuted on July 26th, is held every Friday at New York’s brand new boutique club EVR, a multi-level venue with a luxe/ industrial feel and a dramatic catwalk that spans above the main bar – perfect for the outlandish installations and photo shoots that define party.

EVR is located at 54 West 39th Street (between 5th and 6th).
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