Bootsie Lefaris Get Out! Magazine’s Queen of the Year

>By Jim Silvestri

During this past year, Bootsie just celebrated 12 years at “Queen”, as well as performing at Rise Bar, Pieces, Hardware, and Playhouse Bar, in addition to special guest appearances at 

Monster for the Spunk event. She also appears at Laurie Beechman Theatre. 

Follow Bootsie on social media: IG @thebootsielefaris, as she posts her last minute performances and can turn up just about anywhere in the city at any time. 

Thotyssey spoke to Bootsie right before her show as she  sings, struts and clowns her way to our hearts”

BEST DESCRIPTION OF MY DRAG: Chaotic, sloppy, glamorous, invigorating, calisthenics, stand-up/ sit-down comedy, passionate, informative, freeing, cheap and expensive at the same time, mostly free. 

HOW MANY YEARS I’VE BEEN AT IT: 18 years. Started when I was 17 years old. 



FAVORITE COSMETIC PRODUCT: Anything from One Size, Fenty Beauty, Benjamin Moore, Home Goods.

REASON I STARTED DRAG: Like a mosquito to the bug zapper, I’ve always been drawn to the light. 

MOST IMPORTANT DIVA EVER: (SINGER/ACTRESS ETC.): A drag performer I admire: Let me get back to you on that.

THE MAN OF MY DREAMS: The limit does not exist. 

DRINK OF CHOICE: (NON-ALCOHOLIC OPTIONS ARE FINE) Whatever is in the cup or Bud Light 

BEST THING ABOUT DRAG: The Glam Awards. Lol.  Um, I would have to say the majority of the people that truly enjoy the performance. The top tier of people that have said, “I really needed this tonight, thank you. You opened my mind up to endless possibilities.” People who need people. 

WORST THING ABOUT DRAG: Barbie Toe (when your toes cramp up ‘cause your tights form a Barbie-like foot, crushing all blood vessels and making it impossible to walk…very uncomfortable. HI, KEN!)

WEIRDEST DRAG MOMENT I’VE HAD: This interview. Jk, lol. I mean isn’t this weird? In the BEST way, though! Getting paid to wear ladies garments, to be authentically yourself, to live your BEST life. How fabulously weird! I’m weird every day. 

BEST ADVICE TO A NEW QUEEN: Do your homework, do it for the art, not the money, wash your tights and your BODY, invest in perfume, lay off the “ladies and gentlemen,” KEEP THE SHOW MOVING. Being destructive is not constructive, opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, PUT YOUR TIME IN BEFORE YOU START DEMANDING WHAT YOU THINK YOU DESERVE, be bold, be brave, be Bootsie!! Shall I continue? Lol 

Catch Bootsie perform at these venues:

W @risebarnyc
F @lauriebeechmantheatre        @hardwarebarnyc
SA @piecesbar
SU @playhousebarnyc
IG @thebootsielefaris

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